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The Experience Of An Unshakable Stage #24

Become_An_Avyakt_Angel_24 Mohini_Didi Apr24th,2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

One of the blessings Baba is giving us is to be consistent. Today Baba talked about our birthday, Shiv Jayanti. Baba is not happy about His birthday but is for the birthday of the children. Celebration in Hindi is “Utsav '' and what Baba says that celebration means “Utsaah '' or enthusiasm. The main point is that we do feel whenever we celebrate a birthday or anything we are very enthusiastic, but what Baba wants us to do is have consistent enthusiasm. That means it should not be reduced. To maintain consistent enthusiasm is through our attention, effort and what we need to do now. As soon as you get up in the morning, smile at Baba, “Baba, let's celebrate today”. Don’t just think of the task. When there is enthusiasm then whatever you do feels like you're celebrating and when you're celebrating, you are enthusiastic. I thought we should take this as homework. It's a very important quality for the well-being of the soul to be consistent.

Avyakti Parivaar, all of you got the blessing that you are here, we are together every evening. It has been consistent for a few years and I sometimes wonder what all this drama is creating for us. I realize that's what Brahma Baba did with his children. There were a few hundred children every evening after dinner they always sat for 45 minutes.

Mama would come and ask if anyone needed anything, if there was any difficulty. After that Baba will come, say hello and continue a little bit from the morning murli. When Baba used to finish murli, he would walk to his room from History Hall and some sisters, and brothers would accompany him and then Baba would sit and continue churning. That used to be called a chamber and it was very famous because Brahma Baba shared his experiences. In his room he would still be thinking about what Shiv Baba spoke. Then the whole day Baba maintained that dharna, that stage. Then in the evening he would come to night class and continue what he had been churning since morning. Then the next morning Baba will continue. I was thinking of this nature of Baba’s, churning the knowledge and maintaining that link all the time. I think for us in the evening to be together is very meaningful. Today I suddenly realized that’s what used to happen in Yagya in the beginning. When I came to Baba and we went to Madhuban there were evening sessions, we never had classes. There was no class by anyone else at that time. I was feeling all of us meeting every evening takes us back into the experience of the yagya. Our aim when we began this Avyakti Parivar was to bring souls close to the yagya because to have churning of knowledge and yoga are important, but belonging to yagya, feeling for yagya, commitment to the yagya is very important. One of the main specialties of the yagya is consistency, stage is consistent, meeting is consistent, being together consistent. Congratulations for that. I am seeing that there are so many blessings with being a part of Avyakti Parivar.

Our homework for today is to be unshakeable. When you are full, you are complete, you don't shake. If you are doing some packing and it's all full, complete, it doesn't shake. If it’s not full when you shake it, then things can break. Baba said whether somebody is sick or whatever is happening, children should be a detached observer. They have a memorial in Madhuban called “Achalghar”. “Ghar” is like a fort. When enemies wanted to cross the border they would be confronted there with the army. That is why they also have a military and police training camp near Achalghar, because the border of Pakistan and China is right there. Achalghar really meant that it is a fort which is unshakeable. Baba always tells us that amongst us we should be like a fort and our stage should be unshakeable. “I didn't know this could happen? Why did it happen? What is happening?” Internally you are shaking actually. There is the possibility of doubts, of losing power. We have to look at ourselves and whatever I'm seeing, I should remain unshakeable because when we have a stage which is definitely based on dharna, the stage is protection for us. Our stage is based on dharna. There are some points which when I inculcate, such as its drama or there must be some karmic accounts there is some benefit. Using the points, surrender your intellect to Baba. Some dharna, inculcation helps us to remain unshakeable, that becomes a stage. Baba says then when you are unshakeable, your intellect will not be pulled anywhere. Pulled in the sense of, “Oh, really this happened, I didn't know it could happen, for this person to do like this”. When you are unshakeable, your intellect will not be pulled, your drishti, sometimes our attention is also drawn. That will not happen. Also there will not be any wasteful thoughts.

Baba tells us wasteful thoughts could be a burden because you are unnecessarily thinking. This will be a burden on yourself. Baba says that one who is unshakeable will also be free from worries, because if you are shaken then you start thinking a little bit more then it becomes a worry. When the method of not having worry is experienced, there is so much power and joy. When you're churning knowledge you feel the present time to be the confluence age, you feel being with Baba, you feel you are in Baba’s yagya, and at God’s service. Otherwise it’s a good life, but it's still not very much intoxicated, not like super sensuous joy all the time. Baba said today that churning points of knowledge or sitting together, having a spiritual chit chat then your habit of worrying will not grow. Otherwise day by day there will be a lot of brahmins, karmic accounts and sanskars emerging which are not very good. As much we remain in reflections of why Baba wants us to read murli properly every morning, listen to murli, read murli, that's the treasure or energy. It gives us energy for the whole day if you are thinking about the knowledge. The intellect should be so busy with churning the knowledge so it is not free to wonder, to go into the past and that should keep us unshakeable. I want to be unshakeable. Intellect has to be engaged in churning the knowledge, applying the knowledge. According to knowledge, the explanation of this scene of drama and then the right words emerges to keep us very careful. Some say there are some gifts which emerge with the storms. Look for the gift, don’t look at the storm. If the right point emerges at the right time and you can see that benefit, you remain unshakeable, churning knowledge and using that knowledge. This state helps you to remain not only carefree but always staying full, complete, you won't feel empty and that is your perfect stage. So be unshakeable.


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