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The Easy Method To Attain Respect From Everyone #6

Construct_the_New_World_6 Mohini Didi July 6, 2023

Om Shanti!

Happy Sadguruvaar to everyone! Baba constantly gives us gifts, lots of gifts. Brahma Baba until the last minute used his time in a worthwhile way. You all must be aware that Baba became avyakt on January 18th and 2-3 days before that, he told Ishu Dadi that he wanted to answer all the letters. As you all know Ishu Dadi would bring the letters and Baba used to respond. Then Ishu Dadi would write on top of that because not everyone could read the way Baba wrote. Also, there were certain directions like Ramesh Bhai wanted to know, the museum that you have seen in Abu, whether we should buy it or not. Everyone would ask Baba when they had to do something, and Baba gave permission. You all know that it was bought and then so much service is happening through the museum. I was remembering Ramesh Bhai, he was physically almost ready to go. At the same time, there was some problem with currency and Ramesh Bhai was our accountant and lawyer. He was very surrendered and dedicated, but had a very brilliant intellect. So, half an hour before he left the body, many of the main people were going to Ramesh Bhai for advice, and he gave directions until the last. That means we keep the intellect very clear, like that first remembrance in the morning of Baba, for the soul to remove obstacles, to burn the sins, to purify the soul, remembrance for the self. Second, there is remembrance for your own body that is nature. Third, those who are together, supporting, cooperative, and fourth is for the whole world. Sometimes we always say we have to give sakaash to the world, to serve the world. That means only in soul consciousness remembering Baba, how much is that remembrance the whole day? At least in the morning without any situation, without thinking of anything but for the soul, perfection of the soul, purity of the soul, to be consistent for the soul. Then the second gives lots of vibrations to the body, because the body is the instrument. Without a proper body you cannot serve. Then third, everyone around me should also stay well spiritually and physically.

Once I was in a medical group of people, doctors and all that, and I always say that when I meditate or pray, I have to do it for all of you, because if you are not well, how will we get treatment? So, anyone who is supporting our life in any way whether food is being cooked, or medicine needs to be given, whatever it is, we share Baba’s love and power with them, and then of course for everyone. So, when Baba said in the end to follow the father, every thought and every second until the end, even if you have become an angel, become karmateet, ready to leave, it should be of service. It’s very inspiring if you think about that. Homework for tomorrow is very interesting, and we have to do it, that is if you have self-respect, what will be the quality? If you have self-respect, you will be humble. Ego is coming from somewhere false. It’s not self-respect. Getting upset, not speaking, getting annoyed, loudly talking, shouting, this is like being childish. When you are mature, follow Baba, self-respect means you are humble, and humility brings respect from everyone. Baba is saying not to bow down to anyone, but when you have humility, others will bow to you. They will like to use their specialty and also their love. Our homework, three words, calm and cool nature, humility and then you are constructive. You always say something, not to spoil the relationship, or complain about this one or gossip, no. These are not the sanskars of one who is in self-respect, because you are putting yourself down even by the words you are saying you are losing your respect.

So, Baba is saying that as much as you become humble from your heart, you will automatically become great, mahaan. Greatness is your own humility. Without being humble, you cannot become a bestower of happiness. Pleasing someone, making someone happy externally is one thing, but if you really want everyone to be happy and joyful, then it’s through your humility. When there is humility, you are free from ego. The seed of humility will automatically give you the fruit of greatness. So, what is great is ability. Our Brahma Baba, both ways he was an authority. In the lokik way, if you look at his personality, he always gave respect to little ones, big ones, and he always spoke with a lot of respect. He was very humble. Whatever I am speaking, I am teaching others to speak, because you are sowing the seed. If you are speaking respectfully, sweetly, it’s a big service because you sow the seed. Otherwise, those who are listening around, it causes sorrow, and creates a heavy atmosphere. So, this month’s homework is very important for all of us. The homework for tomorrow is: What is greatness? What is self-respect? When you are humble, you always amend things, you don’t break things. When we were young brahmins, our seniors used to say someone’s words are like a needle and thread and someone’s words are like swords, they cut and break. You have to be the one who always speaks the right words, sweet words, at the right time, and increase our personality of self-respect and greatness.

Om Shanti


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