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The easy form of the mantra of Manmanabhav #20

Elevated_Mind_and_Subtle_Attitude_20 Mohini_Didi May 20, 2023

Om Shanti!

Everyone is okay? Very good! I was thinking that each one of us doesn't know that we have an influence or an effect on the atmosphere. What is outside around us, but also for the self, even the space at the center of the forehead there is some kind of atmosphere. So transform that, and also create for your own self also, atmosphere in this inner space. In many different ways, whatever it’s like, once your own deep sanskar could be the reason, and also what other souls think about you or say about you. We want to transform that, because sometimes most of us do feel like there’s some kind of energy which is around the soul, and that influences your yoga. It could influence your mind, or your happiness could disappear, your enthusiasm can reduce. So, what do we have to do? Through manmanabhav, through my own elevated attitude, I transform the atmosphere. First, I clear that inner space of all the vibrations, whether it is from within or whether it is from outside. I think that is something very important and it’s good to experiment. We always talk about different times and different omens. I have to set the omen of Jupiter on me. I think for that, the manmanabhav mantra, to be the embodiment of manmanabhav is very important. So the transformation that will happen in me will be like clearing the karmic accounts, feeling very light and also easy to become full and a bestower. So, all of us should experiment, first on our self and then with atmosphere transformation. From outside generally, if there is a talk or chat going on and discussion and atmosphere becomes a little heavy, we start talking about a light discussion, joyful discussion, so that the atmosphere changes. Sometimes we find that from somewhere a very bad smell is spreading, so what do you do? Of course you try not to breathe that or close your nose, and other is you spray something, rosewater or some kind of spray. Here we don’t do it, but in India, we light the incense stick immediately. Also, there are some who always keep some flowers that have fragrance. So we use some kind of means to change, but here Baba is saying that first you have to free your mind and intellect from wasteful thinking, because it is our own wasteful thinking that creates a very heavy vibration. So change them, have churning, or think about a virtue or Baba's praise. As quickly we change, as soon as we notice that it’s going on, we have to stop it.

Baba said to then become an embodiment of remembrance. Start thinking about Baba‘s virtues, Baba's powers, Baba‘s love. Whatever way you can think to help you stay in remembrance and keep increasing your capacity by having pure feelings, good feelings, and good wishes for everyone. It’s the kind of feelings where it brings lightness in them and joy, happiness, and also constant good wishes for everyone. When a person is doing wrong, people say that you still give good wishes. We say that that person needs more good wishes. Would you withdraw and say, “No more good wishes for you?” Some need more, right? Charity is done with the poor. So this is also charity, giving donation. Baba says that if you have constantly pure feelings and good wishes, you will become full, and then you’ll be able to bestow as much as you want. So, Baba has given us three to four steps for tomorrow as our homework. We will practice, experience, and also experiment. If a soul is feeling empty, you make that soul feel full, enthusiasm is lost, you help increase enthusiasm, bestow the powers, bestow the qualities. So, we start with the self, and then it can be external and then it could be reaching the souls. Baba is calling this the highest kind of service.

Om Shanti


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