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The Balance of Being Humble and an Authority #18

Construct_the_New_World_18 Mohini_Didi July 18,2023

Om Shanti!

Is everyone okay, everyone well? Yes! That’s good. Baba has taught us how to keep ourselves okay and well. With remembrance of Baba, we keep settling whatever comes along the way, but then we are also creating fortune. In Baba’s Murli, what does it give us, receiving or giving? Some people, when they receive, they get very excited, very happy. When we keep receiving, it gets accumulated and then you want to give. When we are on service, anything we have when it is used, it helps or it gives happiness or cooperation, and we feel very happy. I know there are certain things we don’t use immediately. When someone is in need, you give to that person. Then, not only is it used in a worthwhile way, but that person also really feels very grateful for it, and we feel happy. One time a sister came from Mexico and her foot got swollen in the flight for whatever reason, so she couldn’t wear her slippers and I had an extra pair. She wanted to wear something light, so I gave the slippers to her. When you give only if people can use it, it was so useful, and she was so happy. So giving is based on whenever, whatever is the need of anyone, if that person cannot manage, and you are able to give. Here our giving is not just physical. The maximum calls I receive are asking for sakaash, Baba’s power, and Baba’s love.

So we keep receiving from Baba, and if I am receiving, how do I know? My capacity to give keeps increasing and I will be very loving. You will create the understanding of knowledge. In many different ways, we give vibrations. So giving, I think makes you happy, and of course, as I have been saying, one is increasing income by doing elevated actions. Then others are also receiving blessings. We need both. I realized that I have been really living on blessings, and of course whatever Baba makes us instruments for. Now I keep an aim. You all must have heard that some of us are invited to go to London for this opening and Jayanti Bhen sent a beautiful invitation. I said yes. Even if it is for one night, I am just saying, :”Okay, I will receive so many blessings. My treasure store will be full. It's the first time in a long time. It's an international gathering with Dadi Janki’s foundation. I remember the whole history of London, when I came, and after that, Dadi came. We have been seeing all the progress, expansion. So it is important to give in whatever way, and that is earning our income. When we earn income, we also get a lot of blessings. So, I think giving always makes us very rich, very wealthy. Not only that, but we feel very full, powerful, and loveful. This is what Baba has been telling us to think about, what you like to give and take.

So tomorrow’s homework is how to create a balance of humility and authority? Humility is not subservience. In humility, you have self-respect. You have your own rights and also, Baba says, authority. In authority, there is no humility, but in humility, there should be authority. There are some souls who take sorrow. Sometimes they feel that someone else is trying to govern, but it cannot happen. You can be very humble, respectful with everyone, but you cannot take any authoritative behavior from anyone. I need to create a balance so that no one can use authority over me. Also our Dadis, they had authority, but they were so humble. I still remember very sweetly, Dadi Prakashmani would say, “Mohini will you do this? You should do this.” She had authority, but they all asked us to do things in a respectful and humble way, so our respect towards them is maintained. It’s a very important point for our homework, and to bring it in our personality, the balance of humility and authority. This is the time to check and watch your interactions with others. When you are respectful, that means you are humble, and when you are determined, you are firm.

This weekend, we have a retreat in Peace Village on anger management, and it's very full because I think anger is something that bothers people. There is also a lot of repentance and guilt after doing it. It could be in action. It could be quiet. It could be through words. There are many ways anger gets expressed. With Baba’s children, I always say that it is not a gross type of anger, but even to put pressure on someone, to be forceful on something, that is also not acceptable. You have to find some other way instead of putting pressure. Sometimes you need more help, more tasks have to be done. If there is love and happiness, everyone will get it accomplished, but if there is pressure, the person gets tired. Then they refuse or they are not able to do it. We are all Baba’s children, we are dedicated, we have volunteered our lives. We have committed our lives to Baba and Baba’s service. Of course, every person has a different personality, but this is what a Godly and spiritual personality is, balanced.

So, Baba is saying that when you are humble, you remain a Carefree Emperor. Now we have the connection of being humble and a Carefree Emperor. When we do something that is not right, whether according to time or according to proportion, later on you definitely get concerned that my behavior, my words shouldn’t have been like that. So, you get concerned and worried, and you cannot be carefree. So, it is so interesting to experience that carefree stage that is through this balance. Baba is saying that when there is humility, you become unlimited. That's another point to underline. You become unlimited. With humility, you cross all the boundaries. Otherwise, at every step, there is a limit, there is a boundary, there is an obstacle. So, Baba is saying that you remain unlimited, and you are able to attain success at every step. How many things will you get? You will be carefree. You will be unlimited. You will be successful by having the personality of humility and authority.

Om Shanti

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