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The Awareness of Karavanhar Father #11

Construct_the_New_World_11 Mohini_Didi July 11, 2023

Om Shanti!

Is everyone okay? Yes? Okay means making good efforts, right? How many of you are able to maintain enthusiasm all the time? One is excitement, the other is enthusiasm. One of the main practices of Brahmin life is to maintain constant awareness. Enthusiasm not only of doing, but internally enthusiasm that I need to be complete, I need to be perfect, because personally, that's what I have to achieve. Service is Baba's service, but I have to do it with this elevated awareness that we are able to glorify Baba. I like when Baba is asking, “Do you like to be in silence or in sound?” Our sound should bring silence, and it is deep silence in that when we speak, the words have power, it touches the souls. So how do we combine silence and sound because we will have to speak, but there are only the thoughts of what you're speaking. Sometimes if you notice inside there are a lot of thoughts, more than what you have to say. So somewhere that has to be controlled or that we have to pay attention. I remember once we were sitting in Global Cooperation House in London, brother Jagdish was with me. We both were sitting and we both had to go on the stage in turns to talk. So he wanted to discuss a very interesting question; that I prepared what I have to say and now I am listening and I'm getting a lot of other thoughts. So should I speak of what I should say after listening, or should I talk about what I have prepared? When you listen to people you get the responses in your mind. I said that whatever you have from within your stable mind, you should talk that way, and not allow these waves of other thoughts to come.

So many times our thoughts keep responding. It's not necessary, and you can keep to your own original thinking, which is also very important because it has come from your heart. Then we listen to others and change our heart, but why should that be? I listen to Baba, there is only one direction, and I follow that direction. Many souls come to me when I am in Madhuban also, saying, “This one says this, this one says this.” So I said, “There are 1000 people, and everyone will say something, but what is your heart saying? What is your pure intellect saying?” Just keep Baba in mind. That's why in silence, the soul with Supreme Soul is a very good experience, and you forget about who says what, people, opinions. In silence, as a soul with the Supreme Soul, it is such a beautiful stage where everything gets crystallised, everything gets very clear. So, that kind of awareness, that kind of stage, we all have to create.

Our homework for tomorrow is again, what should we have in our awareness? The power is in awareness, peace is in awareness, love is in awareness. All the qualities actually are in our awareness. So we have to keep our awareness very strong based on these days the Avyakti signal, and there are hundreds of awareness, then it's total awareness. Keep it so we all do it together and these days we are doing it with the Avyakti signals. So we follow that. The awareness for tomorrow is, Baba is the One who is Karankaravanhar. So what does that mean? You do whatever you have to do, let's say you have a duty, responsibility, and if you have that awareness, if you need help wherever you need power, Baba will help you. You cannot sit and say, “Baba you are Karankaravanhar, you do it.” No, you do it with the awareness that Baba is Karankaravanhar. So, wherever you are not able to do, you need help, power, Baba will definitely get it accomplished. Further, what is being said is very beautiful, Baba is saying that you will be detached in your action. Your performance will not be seeing anyone, copying anyone, but it will be unique. That’s also something very important. So many people do flower decorations, but out of that you look at one and say, “Oh this one is unique.” So from yourself in that detached stage, when you do action, it is unique, it has more creativity. You know Baba says that it's a kind of new creation. It's very deep to catch from Baba and from your pure intellect, a few moments of silence, then decide or do.

So Baba is saying detached in action, egoless, because ego is a big interference. Dadi Janki used to say that if you move one step forward, ego is standing there to embrace you and say, “Oh you did very well, you are very good.” Self-respect is different from ego, and then there is humility. All that is included in the awareness that Baba is Karankaravanhar and your stage will be elevated. Just imagine what you were in the morning, what you are now, what you will be tomorrow is getting elevated. So when it's getting elevated then every second your every thought will be completely pure and clean, because a lot of past is included in our actions and it's not clean. Even some people say that it's good to look at the past and compare, but why does the mind go to the past? Someone did something, then we say, “Well, this one always does this.” So we're not even allowing things to change. As much as you get elevated, you will have Baba say your thoughts will be pure and clean, pure, fresh. As soon as thoughts get mixed with influences, you get a lot of thoughts. When you are clear, you have clear thoughts. So it's very subtle, your thoughts will be very pure and clean. There will be truth and also cleanliness, completely clean.

So where is all this coming from? Our elevated stage. Elevated in Hindi is a very nice word called ‘shresth’, not ordinary. So, from that stage our thoughts will be pure and clean. So, start with the awareness Baba is Karankaravanhar. The main attention is that there is unnecessary back and forth. From the very beginning, anything you do if you are very clear about it, you don't have to keep changing what you have decided. Then Baba is saying that it happens because when we begin something we don't create the right awareness. So, we start it and then in the middle we say, “I don't know if I should do this, is this right or not? Some would call it normal but I feel it's a waste of thoughts, time, and energy. So, have determined thoughts, pure thoughts, and based on that you do whatever you have to do. So this whole thing of being detached from action, it's very important. Every step, it's like one step after another needs to be practised so that everything is pure and clean.

Om Shanti

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