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Tapasya #4

Tapasya_4 Mohini_Didi January 4, 2022

Om Shanti!

Whatever they will speak, they will really speak with 100% trust. One of the awarenesses they had is that my Baba is Almighty, and I am Master Almighty. That was their mantra, “Almighty Baba is with me, and I am Master Almighty.” So, today when I heard about the Shiv Shakti concept, I thought, if that is in our awareness, “I am shakti of Shiva”, it is very, very powerful. In a way, it is really combined and definitely this awareness will bring in us that what a Shakti has to do, is what Shiva does. The first most important quality of Shiv Baba is benevolence. He is always high and thinks about the good of all, always. Benefits could be external, in the physical world, more like for gross things, but here it is for the soul. What is good for the soul? You know, when we come to knowledge, we have to follow certain disciplines, I think now it is different. When I came, I loved disciplines but it was a bit, sometimes strong, and felt difficult. You have to wake up very early in the morning, that was ok because I always loved to wake up very early in the morning. Then quickly you have to shower, then go to morning Murli, and do so many disciplines. All these disciplines actually help me to create certain values in my life, a certain code of conduct.

Brahmins are considered to be the highest class in India. When anything auspicious happens at home, they call brahmins. Those brahmins would do some rituals and read scriptures, but we are also Baba’s very pure, mouth born progeny. So, we need to have what they call ‘Brahma achran’, not only brahmachari, but Baba says, Brahma achran. That means my code of conduct; my speaking, my sitting, my walking, my relationship, everything should be based on all these values. They use the words ‘brahmin devta’ when a brahmin used to come, I remember for our many ceremonies, full moon pooja, so many, brahmin devta has to come. Baba explains to us Brahmins, because we serve, then become deities, worship worthy. In Bhakti, if we directly offer anything to those idols, the brahmin sitting there will take from you and will offer. I remember, we used to say, “Why can’t we do it directly?” I went to many very big temples and whatever you have to offer; whether food or money or whatever you have to offer, the brahmin will take it from you and will offer it to that idol. So, brahmin is between a devotee and deity.

So, Baba tells us children that we are becoming divine, deities, worship worthy. Instantly, automatically, what we call maryadas, some call disciplines or codes of conduct, need to be very elevated because of what we are becoming, Brahmin so deity. Brahma Baba had a time table for everything. He had a very spiritual, elevated way to meet everyone and talk to everyone. He did all his activities in a very disciplined and royal way. Discipline is not a restriction, but it is the way of doing. When food was served, he would remember Baba and eat very slowly in the company of Baba. First Baba says, I feed Baba and then I sit and eat with Baba. So, it looked very royal; Baba’s clothing, very simple, but very clean, and not expensive, whether Baba’s shawl or slippers. When you have something expensive then someone meets you, people will look at it, and not at you.

Drishti connected with soul consciousness, the soul in the center of the forehead, is the most sacred space. The soul’s awareness, soul’s attitude, everything vibrates from there. So, we have to have this awareness of Shiv Shakti and the principles, disciplines of a spiritual life. There are always some difficulties in the beginning, when we start following, according to everyone’s circumstances. It was easy for me to get food cooked from my mother regularly, but there are some, their job situation is different. There are some who say, “I have to eat because of this or that.” Always remember, whatever goes in the body becomes your energy, and we want satopradhan energy, sato energy. As we need good thoughts that nurture, we also need good food, pure food. This creates that energy within the body, so that soul and body both are pure. So, Brahma acharan means to follow Brahma Baba at every step, how he served, what he did, his relationship with the unlimited family and his love for the whole world, all religions. He loved, had love for everyone, that’s one of the most important things. So, I am sure that tomorrow, we will be keeping awareness of Shiv Shakti, remembering Baba with a lot of love from the heart, and following the personality of Brahma Baba.

Om Shanti

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