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Tapasya #28

Tapasya_28 Mohini_Didi January 28, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Everyone is okay? Thank you for your good wishes. Everything is okay, we all are okay, Baba's blessings are on us. We thank Baba and Baba takes care of each one of us. Now we have this practice that we have to be karmateet, as Baba said, when there is no bondage of action. Every scene of Drama, every situation, gives us a chance to practice and to look at ourselves and see how much I am in that stage. Baba said that you have to be karma yogi, but this whole murli this morning Baba was also saying to have unadulterated remembrance. Check to see if your intellect is pulled towards any human being, any action, or any kind of bondage with any material things. In the end, you don’t want your intellect to be pulled in that direction, because that means that I have not become karmateet. Everyone wants to understand karmateet more. Baba is saying that karmateet is when you are bodiless and you do action, you are not in bondage. As a karma yogi, you also have to do action. Brahma Baba had his routine for 18 hours. He woke up in the morning and whatever time table he had, he never missed it. He was always on time and did everything. Baba was not even one one minute late for murli, and Baba was present for karma yoga. He was so consistent. All Baba's children in Madhuban generally get Brahma bhojan, and by 1:30 almost everyone has eaten. So, Baba would just go around the kitchen, look at everything, give drishti to everyone, then he would come and have his lunch. Then everyone rested between two to four, and four o'clock used to be tea time. It was such a good time table.

One of the things Baba mentioned a few days ago was that everyone should have a timetable. These hours, I will do this. This hour, I will do meditation. Brahma Baba is an example in front of us that his thoughts, his words, his actions everything was in remembrance of Baba. Once I was asking Mama, “How much do you remember Baba?” She said, “How much do I forget Baba or remember Him?” Remembrance was so much from their heart and their intellect, and we have to make it like that in our lives also. Remember in any relationship, Baba now let's cook together, Baba let us do this together. We are going to do this service now, because remembrance also creates that partnership, companionship, or just being an instrument. It's not that I have separate yoga and then I just do actions. Before we become karmateet, we also have to be karma yogis. So, I keep the aim of being a karma yogi, but also I have a good time table and definitely there is remembrance of Baba.

I remember that in Peace Village whenever we had a day of silence, everything finished on time. At night time, there is not much to do so I can be in total concentration. I'm free in the sense that I am trustee, so my intellect won't be pulled anywhere, but still I am doing everything. If there is no trustee consciousness, then who will do it when I am not here? For me, for a long time I have been saying that if I am not here, Baba's task will continue. I know Baba’s Yagya will be taken care of in a proper way. Then my intellect will not be pulled. So, today we can see where my intellect gets pulled. One is to be detached, and the other is that I do it in such a way that I am detached then intellect is not pulled. When I am listening, my understanding is through intellect, the power to discern is intellect, power to decide is again with intellect. So, the intellect has a very important role to play, and that is why Baba used to say that we need to have a plain intellect. I remember that as a young Brahmin when we had to give a talk, I would prepare the talk from beginning to end then go and be in silence with Baba. So, when I sit on stage to speak, I’m not thinking about points but I'm in Baba's remembrance looking at everyone. Sometimes what is actually said is completely different, then we say that whatever souls needed, they got, because it's from Baba, It's not just my intellect. So, even if we are preparing ourselves for anything, it is from Baba, in remembrance.

Awareness is thinking and becoming aware of who I am. It's like turning on the switch. “I am a soul” automatically makes you bodiless and then I am in the body playing my part. I am soul in the body to do karma yoga. I have to create my fruition for 21 births. The Confluence Age is the age when I have to do elevated actions, but elevated actions come through an elevated stage. An elevated stage comes through practice of being in the right awareness. This is tapasya. For all of you to be together in the evening is determination. We want to share our love and our feelings. Karmateet is when you are karma yogi, but you are beyond while you're doing every action. If Brahma baba could do it, we can also do it, that is why we say follow the father. I always feel that we have to really hold the hands of Brahma Baba, follow our ancestor souls, so that we don't miss any directions and get lost. It might not be easy to get back, and you could waste a lot of time. This “Follow Father” slogan is very very important to remember so that you can get to the karmateet stage. Brahma Baba, even one hour before in the morning, gave replies to all the letters of the children. He didn't want it that the child would say, “Oh, I didn't get an answer from Baba.” He replied to all the letters, He gave directions for everything, but then when he was about to leave, he didn't think of anything. He very nicely gave his hand in Dadi Prakashmani’s hand and gave everything over in such a beautiful way. This is only possible when you become detached and a trustee. If I always feel I have to be there, then it will work, no, you have to think if I am not there, then how does it work? For anything, whether you are in lokik or alokik, it's very important to be a total trustee and a good karma yogi. Also, we need to have a timetable, and integrate remembrance in every action. To really be a tapaswi soul, concentration and determination have to be there, eknami, remembrance of One. To see where there is possibility of my intellect being pulled, and that you as karma yogis sort it out, become trustees, and then going home will be with great happiness and experiencing karmateet stage. That is jivan mukti, where no bondage is pulling the soul. So this way, we continue tapasya, that is to follow the father in thoughts, words and actions.

Om Shanti

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