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Tapasya #25

Tapasya_25 Mohini_Didi January 25, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

We not only thank Baba, but we appreciate your own self also. There are a lot of subtle vibrations from the world outside, they are of anxiety, disappointment, anger, and frustration. We don’t come under the influence of any kind of vibrations. That’s really the only way to remain well, whether it is mentally or physically. Baba has a lot of love for us, but we have to make efforts to be very refined, very subtle, elevated. Baba is explaining very clearly and simply about bodiless stage. When we say soul, the soul doesn’t have a body, a bodiless soul. So after the soul does actions with different organs of the body, then it has to be detached. When there is subtle bondage between the intellect and the action, then different kinds of thoughts keep coming about the action. Then the soul is in bondage with the body and that becomes body conscious. It is subtle, but it is very clear that the soul is bodiless, the soul does not have a body. The soul enters the body, is in the body now to play a part. Even actions are mostly connected with sustenance of the body. We need money, we need food, we need shelter, we need clothing, everything is for the body, and the soul has to do it through the body. Then after doing it again, it is connected with the thoughts. So, how do I get detached?

There is a common saying that when you are at work, you keep thinking about home, about family, and then when you come home, you start only talking about what was at the workplace? Ok, you finished work, you finished it, just be detached. So, our thoughts are so connected with the action, okay, I am done now, that subtle bondage with each organ and each action we perform, you have to be beyond that, it’s called nyara, and then you can also be very lovely. However, the intellect is so caught up, or influenced by actions, the result of action, interaction. Then what happens? You can’t be lovely. It is simple; everything requires practice. Let's say you have given a talk and then after that you say, “Oh, I should have said this, I should have said that, I could have done better.” That again is the habit of the mind, or attachment with the action. I spoke, now it is full stop. These are little practices, which we need to do, always. Being busy is one thing but when the action is finished, why is my mind still there? Let me be detached, let me be nyara.

So, that’s how we follow the Father. Baba loves each one of us. Even now, I will talk about Sakar Baba, but there is no attachment. When Baba’s children used to leave and say, “Baba, don’t forget me, remember me.” Baba said, “ If I remember you, when will I remember Shiv Baba? I can’t remember you, but I won’t forget you, na bisro, na yaad raho.” Baba was an example of so much love, every child was given a lot of attention and care. Dadi Janki, when she would come here, when it was time to say goodbye, she would never look back. One time I told her, “You never say goodbye.” She would say, “Wherever I am present, I am fully present. When I am in New York, I don’t think of London. When I go to London, I won’t think of New York.” It is full and complete focus.

As soon as we wake up, the first thought comes, we say good morning to Baba. Then the thought comes that today is the day I have to look at transformation. During the day, I have the thought to transform waste to powerful but also elevated. I want to make my stage more elevated, with very pure thoughts, loveful thoughts. Every day I am thinking higher and higher, and have pure feelings for everyone. We all are interconnected. So, what will we give to ourselves? The same pure feelings and good wishes. I am not holding onto anything, I am changing it. The practice we have to do is to save, don’t waste. It is so nice to stop unnecessary thinking. Avoid misunderstanding, clarify, and move forward. Loveful relationships are based on understanding, and of course, each one is on a spiritual journey. Each one passes through different stages. When I look at someone, I think, “Yes,there was a time when I was also like that, and I passed it. This soul will also pass it, and will pass with honors because she is a good effort maker.

So, for any situation, leave it now, move forward. Tapasya means to save your energy, but then invest it, use it properly, appropriately. Your treasure stores are full, that means you are an embodiment. Brahma Baba is an example of having love for everyone, but still detached and he gave a lot of sakash. Even today what we are feeling from Baba, or ancestor souls, is saksah. Anytime the soul is losing enthusiasm or joy, Baba gives sakash to be consistent. Prepare yourself, so that your vibrations, whether it is of love, happiness, or belonging to Baba, all of those vibrations keep increasing. Then, whatever you say will bring experience to others. That is really the accumulation of true service.

Om Shanti


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