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Take The Support Of The Body To Perform Actions And Then Go Up Above #11

Become_an_Avyakt_Angel_11 Mohini_Didi April 11,2023

Om Shanti!

You can see the beautiful flowers of India, pink, yellow, and red. Every time, they give such beautiful flowers. We are in Delhi and we will leave tonight, just finished morning class. Let us continue with our avyakti journey, avyakti signals. Today, a very interesting point came up that when you are an angel, Baba is your world. There are so many souls, so many relationships, we all are connected with each other in this world, because of Baba, for Baba. It's because of Baba that we came to know each other and it is because of Baba that we are serving together, we are living together. Our activities, interaction, giving-taking, everything is because of One Baba. We have love with everyone, we have connections, relationships with relatives, but there is no influence from each other. Baba’s Shrimat is that we all follow together and actually our timetable, activities, and our love for Baba is the same. Our world is One Baba. Baba comes here, and He does His actions. He has a lot of love for us, but still, He is very detached. It's so interesting to see how He comes to do actions and then He gets detached from the body. It's a good practice for us that we have to do actions. We have to have a regular life, but as soon as any action finishes, we get very detached. With angels, we know they fly. They keep changing. One minute they are here, another minute they are somewhere else, and the third minute they are somewhere else again, because they are not detached. When doing actions, they take the body, and as soon as action finishes, they just leave the body, there is no connection with the body. So, we have to do the same. Until the soul is there, the soul needs the body to do actions, but it's like just using instruments and then going beyond.

Baba is saying that Baba is the world for the angels. We remember Baba, we do actions, but our love is with One Baba. We give the message, live by that message. Murli is the source for every one of us, so we have to reflect that. One awareness should be that everything belongs to Baba, and I am using it as trustee. Everything I say, whatever we eat or wear is from Baba’s bhandara. Everything is from Baba’s bhandara. There is no pull from anywhere. Whatever we do is for Baba. So when Baba says to surrender everything to Me, we know what it means, but most important is belonging, our mind and intellect also belong to Baba. So, whatever I have to think, whatever I have to do, it is according to Baba’s Shrimat. When there is love with someone then that person becomes your world. So, we have love for Baba, and Baba is our world. We only think of Baba. So we will reflect on that and then practice.

Om Shanti

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