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sweetness, greatness, elevated feelings #22

Sweetness_and_Love_22                      Mohini_Didi               February 22, 2024   

Om Shanti! 

Baba is the Ocean of Knowledge. When he explains knowledge to us, we have to pay attention to each word. I really like to think and reflect on how sweetness is greatness. Sweetness is greatness and also elevated experience. I think we need to experiment. We do it sometimes, but not regularly. We should not allow our feelings to change towards anyone because of any situation. Generally, 80-90% of the time, the person does right, but 10% is not right. Maintaining elevated feelings is very important. That is our greatness. So, Baba is saying that everything begins from thoughts, thoughts according to the situation, a person’s attitude, behavior, but also sanskars. Baba is saying that from thoughts emerge our words, and the words then create relationships and connections that must always be sweet. So, Baba is saying that being full of sweetness is great because at the present time, people want to see this sweetness in people’s practical lives, and generally towards anyone through our words and everything. People are not just impressed by words, yes maybe temporarily, but they want to see interaction, conversation, communication. So, Baba is saying that people want to see this in practical life. They come close and are impressed by the service done through your words, but then they see sweetness, greatness, and elevated feelings in your behavior. There are many leaders, when they are in public and when they are at home, some observe how they are at home, more so with their helpers, with their servants, are they sweet or not? So, Baba says that we show our feelings in our behavior and on our face in a practical way. Then others take inspiration for their transformation. 

According to the time, all of you will have to do service through your face and through your behavior. When sakar Baba became Avyakt, then Dadi Gulzar was chosen to be the medium. She was very calm, very peaceful, very sweet, because she knew that sweetness is important, that your greatness is the result of that sweetness. We are not like others. Everyone of us has a different part to play, different roles to play. So when we play a different role or different part then what happens? I have to remind myself what my position is because even if I am not role conscious, others look at me. They say, “She is so and so”, and there is the expectation of playing their part. I looked at hundreds of eyes and their feelings towards my role of leader who will give direction. To have that trust comes from greatness. So, I always look at Baba. Baba will guide me, Baba will help me. Then there is also my own personal dharna which is very important. So, I maintain my dharna of respecting others, because there are many things I have observed, of course the Confluence Age, Golden Age, and Iron Age leadership is completely different. A president will have a support team, a president will have security, so whatever issue comes up, they will deal with it, not the president. So, the president has to stay in his role. So, it is the same for all of us. Each one of us has to remember or remind ourselves what my role is, let me play that role. Sometimes we take someone else’s role and it doesn’t suit me, so your inner conscience and your stage would be accordingly. So, I think each one of us, we have to become aware, it’s important. So, remind yourself of three words, sweetness, greatness, and elevated feelings. Elevated feelings are very important and I’m sure that each one of you, whether you are in a family or at center, will remind yourself how sweetness is greatness, and how greatness is elevated feelings.  

Om Shanti


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