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Supreme self-respect #19

Elevated _Self_Respect_19 Mohini_Didi. June 19, 2023

Om Shanti everyone!

Baba is taking care of us, we are also taking care of ourselves. He is such a wonderful Father. Some asked me how do I recognize Baba accurately? I say the way Baba is decorating us every day, giving us power, filling us with all the treasures, making us pure and divine. He's such a wonderful Baba, always praising children. Baba never talks of our weaknesses because to give someone respect, you have to create self-respect. Baba is creating our self-respect because most of the problems in people are because of low self-respect. They have ego but they don't recognize their self-respect and Baba, especially for his children, every day talks about our self-respect and also elevated self-respect. Is there any human being in the world who talks about your self-respect every day? It's only Baba. How much love and respect should we have for Baba?

What is respect for Baba as Father? We follow all His directions, that's the respect. Baba is Teacher. Whatever He is teaching us, we implement all that. Baba is also Satguru, our Supreme Guide. In every relationship Baba increases our self-respect. My long lost and now found children, my sweetest children, He tells us all the time, how valuable we are, holiest and highest. Being the children of Baba, Baba keeps praising us. That self-respect is created because knowing who is telling us what we are is our Supreme Father, God.

Baba also says that when you have elevated self-respect, you will be successful. That means whatever we do, there will be success. Most of the problems and difficulties are because of ego, whether being sensitive, feeling humiliated or always thinking I am great. Here also Baba wants us to think, “I am elevated”. Baba says this is the self-respect which not only removes impure ego but also self-respect is equal to pure ego. When I first saw the Dadis they looked so elevated, so pure from their self-respect, because they didn't have anything to have ego for. Materially they had nothing, but what they did have was self-respect. Out of richness and self-respect they would give respect to everyone. If we are not able to give respect, it is because of low self-respect. When there is elevated self-respect, there is constant success in our thoughts and our actions. It's very easy to understand, but we have to connect. When we start doing our homework then we connect it. How is self-respect connected with success? Ego is so normal in everyone, ‘I and mine, I and me’. Baba says yes, you definitely will say I and mine but that will be from pure ego, not from body consciousness. Self-respect removes impure ego because something elevated is emerging. Then whatever becomes an obstacle, the ego is completely removed.

I really like this homework to do so that my impure ego is removed and I am in elevated self-respect. Baba always says that many different types of impure ego are here, many different, “I am this, I can do this, I am special” or’”I have this something special”, but in pure ego everything is Baba's, I am just a trustee. Baba has given me this specialty, so I have to use it. Pure ego is something which is very useful because our thoughts and actions are affected by pure ego. Otherwise we just look down, look at our weaknesses and the weaknesses of others. Keep your energy very high, just keep awareness that, “I am elevated. I have elevated self-respect.”

Om Shanti.

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