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sparkle of happiness #14

Updated: May 29

TreasureofHappiness_14                   Mohini_Didi                   May 14, 2024

Om Shanti! 

When we listen to Baba, we know that what Baba is saying is true, but unless we put it in practice or experiment with it, there won’t be attainment. I have been thinking for a few days about applying three zeroes and I find that the treasures are increasing. I just say, “Okay, Drama, I am a soul, Baba is a point.”So does that immediately increase the treasures? The first thing that happens is that there is no wastage. When there is no wastage, then also it further multiplies. It keeps increasing. It is very subtle, okay, if I say Drama, then what will happen? I won’t have wasteful thoughts and I won’t get entangled into unnecessary thinking about others, about situations. How will it add to my treasures? We all need to experience and to experiment with this. Not only this, but any point which Baba gives, we have to apply it. Then also we cannot immediately look at the results or calculate what benefits I have. If Baba is saying it, maybe it’s not immediate, but it definitely must be. It will make our stage very stable. So, if I am stable, will it change the situation? In this morning’s Murli, Baba said we should have a lot of churning and a lot of conversation. Both are important because sometimes we have to sit and talk about it, and share with each other. I did it this way. It helped me when I applied this point, and it was really very useful. Baba said today that spiritual chit chat is very helpful. So, churning is important and chit chat is important. That means we are thinking, churning. Dadi Janki used to love chit chat, ruh rihan in Hindi we call it. Every evening when we go to her room for meditation, and if we were ready to go, she would say,”No,no we didn’t do any chit chat yet.” She always said that each one of us has some kind of realization, some kind of depth and sharing is very important. We don’t have much time in the class, but also not everyone understands the depth.

I really have been thinking a lot on how I experience or take all the benefits and increase my treasures. Every moment I can do it, as Baba said, by applying zero. Have you all experienced this? You just believe it or experience everything. They always say that happiness is a diet. When you eat in happiness, food will be digested properly, and that helps. Wherever Dadi Janki went, they asked her which brand of face cream she uses. She said, “I don’t have any brand.” Internally, she was full. I liked today’s point that when you have attainment, your face is sparkling. When you are a little bit lost or confused, or have some kind of wasteful thoughts in your mind, your face looks very dry. Baba says that the face does a lot of service because it is the index of mind. So always lightness and happiness, that’s what Baba wants us to do. I think it is good for us. It is like a fully blossomed flower, where every petal has opened, nothing is inside. So, all inner degrees, specialities, purity, everything blossoms so that our face also looks full of attainment. Baba says that it is the sparkle of happiness. Your face is the mirror of the power of your mind. You know the difference between the face of someone  who has everything and the face of someone who has attained something.

So Baba is saying to let your face have the sparkle of the happiness of having attained everything. Baba says that your face should not appear to be dry without any joy. Then people say, “A,are you worried about something?” Let it be visible and full of happiness. Many souls then automatically are served by your sparkling face. I think we have to pay attention. Little things happen, big things happen, but when they are visible on the face, not only there is no sparkle, but wrinkles are shown. Like when we look at Brahma Baba, his age was 90 plus. If you looked at his face and hands, there were no wrinkles. Otherwise, some people at a very early age start looking very old. There are some even in their old age, they look sparkling. Every night we used to go to see Dadi Ratanmohini, and she had a very sparkling face. The sister said the whole night she is not able to sleep, she is dancing with her hands, she is in the Golden Age. She would not be singing but dancing because inner joy, inner fullness, being full of all attainments, bring a lot of happiness like a fully blossomed flower. So experiment with that tomorrow. Baba’s homework for us is to have a sparkle of happiness.

Om Shanti

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