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Stock of Pure Thoughts and Full of Good Wishes#18

Elevated_Mind_and_Subtle_Attitude_18 Mohini Didi May 18, 2023

Om Shanti!

Happy Satguruvaar to everyone! You all heard Baba’s message. Baba wants us to pay attention to maintain the balance. Baba was talking about soul consciousness and angelic stage, being an accurate karma yogi, service through thoughts, words, and actions. Sometimes we are very motivated to just keep doing actions, which are important, but then we also need angelic stage. To have an angelic stage, you need soul consciousness. So, it’s a combination. Then, to have this experience of being in front of Baba in subtle regions, or whatever we want to experience, it becomes easy and practical. It’s like recently coming from New York to Peace Village, and those who come very often were saying, “I don’t have to drive, the car drives me”, because the car also knows the way, like when you often go anywhere, then you get to know that road. So, it is the same as going to the subtle region. During the day, a few times, even for a few minutes, we create our angelic stage, and it’s like being present in the subtle region, being with angelic avyakt BapDada. So, I think it’s very important at this time. Also, while revising Sunday’s murli, Baba was speaking about the balance of being detached and lovely. As we move forward, we all have attainments of different kinds, and to serve from those attainments is necessary, and it is also our generosity. It could be material attainment or spiritual attainment.

Anything in our lives, whatever we get, you always should remember that I have to share with others, because that humility that Baba said, as an instrument, nothing is mine. Nothing is mine is very important. Some places, some souls come, they do service so when they move in Baba’s home, and because of some reason they couldn’t be part of the center for a long time, so now they want to take everything. So, we reached a point where we had to make a list, when people move in and when they want to move out, what they want to take. Are they moving in thinking it’s Baba’s or it’s mine? So, it’s very subtle to have this balance of being detached and also being lovely. So many such instances happen. This whole thing of mine, it creates obstacles because it’s not a good example. I belong to Baba, and that is why we don’t like people to bring their personal stuff because this thought is in their mind, it’s mine, I brought it, it’s more comfortable. Whatever is given to us at Baba’s home, it’s from Baba. So, that inner feeling of everything belongs to Baba, I belong to Baba is also very important.

Baba said that there are three types of service; through mind, through words and through actions, or we say mind, body, and wealth. The majority like to do service through actions, but I remember when I began this journey, at that time, a lot of service was through the mind, then through words, and then actions. Now is actions, then words, and then the mind. So, suddenly if it happens that the body is not well, you cannot do as much or whatever you used to do, many have this experience, I have a lot. So, at that time, instead of thinking, “Oh, now I can’t do anything, there is no service, I used to travel, I used to go from place to place, I miss it now”. No. I did a lot, so I am content. Now, Baba wants me to serve at a different level, less words and more through thoughts, mansa seva. So, Baba was saying here in the homework, nobody can say that I don’t get a chance to serve. Nobody really gives a chance to anyone, it’s your own ability, it's your own fortune, it’s Baba who really makes you an instrument for everything. Also, there should be this hobby of serving through the mind. Baba is saying that you have to serve in such a way that your own contentment, your joyful nature, should create the atmosphere where everyone who is not happy can be happy or joyful. Now if you give one hour of knowledge and people are not happy, or they are not getting anything, or if you just look at someone, meet someone for a few minutes and the soul of that person is moved.

I remember when we had Peace of Mind every year in Madhuban, we couldn’t do it because of COVID, but we are planning to do it this year. So, in the end, there would be a lot of lectures and workshops. When the Dadis would come in front, they did it first for Dadi Prakashmani, then Dadi Gulzar, then Dadi Janki, they just stood there, gave drishti to them or in the end made them an action moment like a dance. If you ask them what they liked best, they would say, “Dadi’s presence.” So, we did so much talking, which was necessary, but more impact is always in the experience, the feelings they have at that time, they feel joyful, carefree, they came out of some kind of sorrow, or the past that was hurting them. So, the real thing that happens, Baba is saying, that when your attitude is of joy, then you serve from that joyful stage. Baba says that even if your health is not good, you can still become very cooperative in service. So, when I say, “Oh, I can’t do this, but I can at least remember Baba. I can churn knowledge. I can get insights.” I spent a few months, not just me, but a few of us, those who wanted to be with me, we went to Madhuban. We all stayed doing subtle effort, subtle service, and that makes the soul not only powerful, but also worthy of service.

So, Baba is saying to accumulate the stock of pure thoughts. Every thought that is accumulated goes in your account, what you think, and how you think. So, our currency is thoughts. We use it, accumulate it, and Baba says to make yourself complete with the stock of good wishes and pure feelings. So, you should be full with that stock. I gave an example that for the Dadis to say, “Everything will be okay” was enough, because it becomes okay. Someone goes, tells so many things to Dadi, this will not happen, this is difficult, and in the end, Dadi said, “It’s going to be okay.” So, this brother thought that they don’t know anything, they didn’t understand even what I am trying to say, my difficulty. Then when he went back, he found things were getting better and okay. Their words are words of blessings. They remove the obstacles because of the stock they have. When they are in silence, they accumulate different kinds of stock. So, each one of us also has to pay attention to see that our stock is full, and that our words have value, they get accomplished, and naturally everyone’s trust and faith grows on the instrument also. So, instruments also become the source of blessings. Baba also said that if you are an instrument, you will be very humble. There won’t be anything if I am this or I have this. I belong to Baba, and everything is Baba’s. So, that will be the awareness. That’s our homework for tomorrow, to look at how I have been filling my stock, and while doing everything, still maintain the balance.

Om Shanti

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