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Stay in your original form #8

Sweetness_and_Love_8                       Mohini_Didi                       February 8, 2024   

Om Shanti and Happy Satguruvaar to everyone!

Baba’s love is very sweet. Baba’s love has removed all our bitterness, especially when, with a lot of love, Baba says, “My sweet children.” Every Murli begins with ‘sweet children.’ So, we are Baba’s beloved, we are Baba’s sweetest children. We know that Baba is also the Ocean of Love and never is Baba not sweet to us. I have experience with Brahma Baba. Even if anyone made a little mistake or big mistake, Baba would give very sweet drishti. I remember one time, one mother must have made some mistake of getting angry on children. She came and she said, “Let’s sit in Baba’s room and I will ask for forgiveness.” So, we were sitting and then she said, “What did Baba say?” Baba was smiling, because Baba wants us to forget that mistake and move forward. Once there is realization, there is no regret, no punishment. Baba would say very sweetly, “Children, don’t stop, don’t get stuck, move forward.” That’s Baba’s true love. We all would say that Baba is definitely very sweet, but now we represent Baba. We say we are children of God. We are instruments of God. We have taken this responsibility to be Baba’s helpers, his right hands. So, one of the important qualities which Baba said yesterday, is to make people feel close to God with our sweetness. Sometimes the intellect is caught up in something, and we are not very attentive, we are not as sweet as we should be, or loveful. So, how do we make our nature, habit and sweetness become very natural, as Baba said, in our thoughts, in our words, and also in our interactions with others. We all know that whatever anyone is, if our attitude towards that soul, our drishti, is sweet, definitely some transformation will happen there. We are not going to increase any kind of conflict or animosity, but rather, we want to resolve it,  because we need the blessings of every soul. 

So, Baba is giving us homework, then he is asking us to practice to be in our eternal form. It is purity, love, peace, all beautiful qualities, and as much as we remain in our eternal form, eternal qualities, that much energy will create natural feelings of sweetness for other souls. So, tomorrow’s homework, which we all have to practice, is to create the stage. Baba is saying to stay in your original form. Some children say that they have the nature of speaking harshly. Many souls lose their kingdom, whatever they have created, they lose it in ten years, after ten years because of their nature, where it becomes intolerable not only for the self, but others also. Baba says that they are a bit harsh. They have the nature of being forceful. These days you have to request, not order. However, when you stay in your original form, the soul conscious form, then the nature based on body consciousness, will automatically be transformed. Many souls later on come to me and say the way I was in lokik childhood, but you have to change now. That’s how it was; reaction, anger, force, but now Baba has given us knowledge, the power of yoga, power of silence, so we have to be transformed. Your sweet words will make others happy and will also keep you happy. After speaking bitterly, you yourself don’t feel good. So, Baba says that whoever comes in front of you, give them sweet drishti for a few seconds, speak sweet words, and you will make that soul full for all the time. So, Baba says that your few seconds of sweet drishti and your words will transform his life. That soul will keep thinking about what you said and how you said it. They will feel very happy and full. Then, naturally their happiness will bring happiness to you. 

So, tomorrow, you do this homework and definitely the percentage of sweetness, soul-consciousness will increase and that will be our progress too. I think that I did announce, and Sister Gayatri also said that tomorrow morning some of us will be leaving for Madhuban. Avyakti Parivar sessions will continue, I will also be there, and you will hear the same day’s message also. It takes almost three days to be settled because we go to Delhi, then Udaipur, and then Shantivan. Everything almost is set there so we will be able to do Avyakti Parivar. You saw it last time. It’s morning time there, 5 o’clock. I know that Thursdays we are not able to offer Bhog so Peace Village or Harmony House will do it. All our team, everyone, translators, and those who produce videos and everything, I know they will continue whatever they are doing, and they are now used to it even when we are away. Bhumi Bhen and her partners are able to coordinate from there. So, everything will be the same, so we will meet again from Madhuban, and we will keep sharing some news from there. 

Om Shanti

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