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Love for Solitude & Practise Concentration -I am a Living Idol #6

Updated: Jan 8, 2023

Love_for_Solitude_6 Mohini_Didi January 6, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!!

Before we used to say that the body is a vehicle, an instrument, but today we can think of the body as a temple. Who is in the temple? I, the soul and I am now a living deity idol. On the path of worshiping, devotees go in front of all the goddesses with certain desires and they feel that the goddess will fulfill them. Actually, because I am a living idol, there is the power of purity, power of divinity and God’s love. There are many beautiful qualities. The energy is such that it automatically fulfills the desires of all. The most beautiful and attractive quality of goddesses are the eyes. The beauty in the eyes is of God’s love because if you give someone a cup of tea but don’t look at that person and smile, that person won’t feel happy because he is looking up to say thank you to you just hurriedly give it and I leave. Then anything we give won’t be considered to be fulfilling the desire. That is why in Madhuban and Peace Village a lot of people appreciate that serving is done with a lot of love and cheerfulness. You are happily serving, you are happily giving. When internally the soul is full then automatically others will also receive what you have. In the lokik world these days, they meet and say, “I love you”, here we say, “God loves you, because God loves you I also love you”. There is a difference between love and Godly love and then Godly love through our eyes. If truly we are in that spiritual love, there is a kind of strength and upliftment which others feel.

Sometimes a lot of things in our lives are stuck, they don’t get done, there are obstacles. Most people feel that when you meet a holy, elevated or pure person, that all what was stuck will start opening up and things will start happening. That is the reason they go to elevated or pure saints and sages, but here Baba is talking about us as gods and goddesses. I always felt very comfortable with the word goddess, because I just thought if my father is God, with capital ‘G’, I am a goddess with a small ‘g’. That’s the only difference. That is why when Baba says become like me, I feel internally, deeply the soul is like God, but it’s not full. There is peace and love, but not all the time. I always felt I am a goddess, and that is why just bless everyone, let whatever wishes are there be fulfilled.

If you see that eyes are going all over and not still, it doesn’t give the experience of concentration. That means there are subtle vibrations from outside atmosphere and those vibrations are creating some kind of movement, like emotions. If you are in solitude with Baba, there is stillness because vibrations are not affecting the practice which Baba is giving us of introversion. I can go above and beyond all the vibrations and attractions. Brahma Baba used to smile all the time but sometimes Baba would say when you smile or laugh there shouldn’t be any sound. Baba says deities don’t do that. Natural cheerfulness, natural being, smiling, that is what you see on the face of a living idol. Sometimes if there is any subtle thing happening, you won’t look towards that person, you don’t make eye contact, but Baba says, no attractions. There should be nothing which internally reduces your divinity, your godliness. I think everyone is making this effort and paying attention to being more and more introverted, cheerful. If you are only introverted there is no attraction, people will say OK leave her, she is in solitude. When we have the Call of Time or other dialogues at Peace Village on the day of silence tell them, when you come across someone smile, as if you are silently saying hello, you are okay? I am also okay. If you don’t smile, then they think there is something wrong. It does happen, people become introverted and they don’t look joyful, enthusiastic. Then we get concerned, “Are you okay?” True introversion also keeps you constantly cheerful and your smile says everything, you are content, you are happy. We have to remain beyond everything.

Brahma Baba was very cheerful and very active. He was either contemplating or doing chit chat with children or even karma yoga. After eating lunch everyday, Baba would go around the kitchen in a kind of appreciation of what everyone was doing. In the morning sometimes after breakfast he would walk with the gardener and give drishti to the plants, mango trees, birds and flowers. He was so much in touch with nature and even started working with the gardener. That gives you so much joy because you are in touch with nature, otherwise you just sit in front of computer the whole day so your brain and heart also becomes like that. The more you cook, feed people, do gardening, dishes, karma yoga, then your energy is very beautiful because you are serving.

When I cut vegetables, they are all equal because our concentration in yoga brings a quality in your actions. Some people do actions, but you could tell that they feel they have to do it. Enjoy whatever you are doing and let it be good quality. Today Baba said easy and elevated because others also feel you are too busy. There’s a habit of running, running. What about doing it gently? Have good quality everything. Some people cook with a lot of patience and love when you eat you know it’s well cooked. Fast means you shouldn’t be slow but fast doesn’t mean that you are also a little bit careless. I thought that these are the timings we can remove to change our habits. We have to be living goddesses so it’s very good.

I just wanted to tell you that how much I enjoying Avyakti Pariwar zoom being on the whole day. Even when I am upstairs in my room I am hearing commentary. I am listening to music and it feels so good. Whenever you have 10-30 minutes, just have your zoom line open or keep it open. All the routine is there and internally you are with the awareness, feelings of tapasya. I am really very thankful to those who are organizing for 24 hours. From my heart I want to thank those who are doing it and also request everyone to take benefit.

Om Shanti


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