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Stable On The Seat Of Awareness #11

Elevated_Self_Respect_11 Mohini_ Didi June 11, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

Everyone is ok? Yes. Very good. It’s so interesting that Baba wants us to have a stage that is stable and consistent. Baba also gives us homework for awareness or about self-respect. Today, Baba is showing us the connection between having awareness and self-respect. Which word comes first, awareness or self-respect? I think we are very connected with each other when you have awareness. Then you will be in self respect. When you have self-respect, you have awareness. When we practice, then we will know what comes first, awareness or self respect. So, I think we go by that. Baba said to be stable in awareness. I don't know if we ever practiced to an extent where we could say that the whole day I was in this awareness, or two hours, or five hours. Sometimes it's a few moments, sometimes it's a little more, but Baba wants us to be very stable on the seat of awareness. So I have one seat, it's awareness and also self-respect. I'm really kind of feeling it and keen to see how, when I am seated on the seat of awareness and have self-respect of a particular swaman like master Almighty, so how will the powers work? I am realizing and I feel that whichever power is required, that power will naturally come in the thought and it will work. Will I have to just say, “This power you come or other power you come now.” Do I need to give direction or invoke those powers, or will they naturally come and work at that time?

I am remembering that whenever I traveled together with the Dadis, so many situations come, many changes happen, and it’s like they have thought that it will get accomplished. So when the thought is accomplished, that means there is power in the thought. The Dadis would just sit in the corner, and you can see they are set on the seat of self-respect or awareness. Whatever has to happen it happens. I think we all have to accomplish that. It’s not that Dadi would sit and say, “I need tolerance”, and tolerance comes. No. They have enough tolerance at that time to face something or anything, to tolerate. Dadis share when in the beginning, they were left for service, they would sit on the banks of River Jamuna. So there is really nothing. Even the room that they had, it was an open space with no roof, and they had to spend the whole night. So, they said that there was a wrestler around and he always saw these young women sitting the whole night. He just suddenly thought that maybe I should protect them from anyone, you know, doing anything to them. So, Dadi Janki was saying, the whole night he was alert and he knew they had to be protected. Dadi said, “Oh, Baba is taking care. Baba is Almighty, He does everything” Also, it must be their stage, whether they are fearless or they have this total trust. Like today, Baba is talking in Murli about faith. You know that when there is faith, there is victory. I don't have to invoke victory, but I have to maintain faith. So, it is the same when I'm seated on the seat of awareness and then I create that self-respect. I think from the attainment, we will naturally have feelings of motivation that I should stay more in that stage.

The Dadis knew that even if they say that Almighty Baba did everything, but also their awareness of being master Almighty must also be working to invoke the right power, and it does everything. You know, they show this battle between Kauravas and Pandavs or devils and deities. So, when they shoot the arrow, the arrow has to crush the arrow of the other side. So, it's not that they have to do anything, their arrow will do it, and there will be victory. So, it is the same as inner power, accumulation of power, because whatever they attain in arrows is their tapasya. In that tapasya, if this kind of attack comes, then our arrow will beat that one or crush that one. Then more and more it is emerging in me, thinking of how the power will work. So, what I need is awareness. What I need is a seat of self-respect. If I am seated on that seat, what should we be doing? A practice plus specially when there is any situation, just be very stable in that seat of awareness and let the powers work. I want to explore it more and see whether there are always two things. One is sometimes situations are more, settling of karmic accounts, and sometimes they are tests because if you move forward, there will be bigger things that happen. Also, because our power is increasing, we are able to manage that very well.

So we take this as homework tomorrow, the awareness of being Master Almighty. You know, for a few days I had been really thinking that everything in the world is moving, moving and doing. It is what it should be, and everyone is doing what they should be doing. Everything, whether it is souls, elements, nature. Even Baba I think. Then Baba says, I am at service for 24 hours. So am I protected at night-time by Baba? Yes, we are. So, then it's our remembrance, stability of awareness, seat of self-respect. So, we do homework, we create that seat and sit on that seat and have faith, and see how victory is happening, how things are happening, how Drama is moving. That will give you cheerfulness. I always admire Hanuman because I find he knows there is victory. Wherever there is God, there is victory. So whatever happens, he would keep smiling because he knew there would be a victory. So, our stage should always be the same. Always cheerful, always light, not worried or feeling, “Oh will there be victory or not?” It's something very beautiful, and as we all have been on this spiritual journey, we have to explore some of the new concepts. They might be old but maybe we haven't done enough to attain that kind of stage. So, when Baba said to be consistent and stable, we have to pay attention and see how stable we can be. It's practical and it can happen. So, our homework for tomorrow is the seat of awareness of being Master Almighty and also the self-respect of that. Then we will see the magic.

Om Shanti

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