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Spiritual Fulfillment Liberates Me #3

Create_Heaven_Inside_Ourselves_3 Mohini_Didi June 3, 2022

Whenever we begin a new series, it takes time to understand, experience, and then start practicing. Gradually that is happening, even with me. What are my feelings like today when Baba said, kabristan and Paristan? One is like a graveyard, and the other is a land of paradise. Instantly our thoughts go there. We will move away from the graveyard, that is body consciousness and move towards some very beautiful inner experiences. Those are the experiences of heavenly life.

The power to discern and the points we are getting from Madhuban are very much connected because to experience success will be a very natural experience in the golden age. It deeply connects with faith being like insurance, but I said faith is also assurance. There is faith, but if we have some concerns, worries or doubts, it will not be called one hundred percent faith. That means insurance and assurance will have less percentage. It has become common while you’re doing something to internally say, “I am not sure” or “maybe”. We feel very humble by saying it. That it won’t work now because there is a lack of that hundred percent faith, because this faith has to become my self-trust. To trust not only your intellect, but the trust which is deeply within the voice of the soul. The soul is giving me assurance that yes, there will be instant success.

I remember in the late 1980’s, we did a project called Global Cooperation for a Better World. We went to Dadi Janki and told her we were doing it. It was a big project and new for us. We had an alliance with many other organizations. We wanted to know if it would be successful. Then Dadi said, “it is already successful. Once you are all in harmony and doing it together that is success.” Since then, I always remember that success is not the result. Success begins from the very beginning.

Dadi Prakashmani would bring a thought in the morning after murli and say, “This year we want to celebrate the year of tapasya” or “This year I want gatherings of ten thousand.” Everyone agreed to that, because she used to start that inclusiveness from the thought level. That creates a lot of harmony and also the strength of togetherness. Success is not based on how many came. Any thought Dadi had there was instant success. I feel one of the reasons was that it came to her from Baba. It was not her thought or her ambition, it was from Baba. She was able to understand that thought and because she understood, then she spoke to all of us and we all accepted. Instant success was there. We all have to follow that way too. Whatever thought comes in my mind, share with others and see how everyone feels about it. After that acceptance, then when we do it and definitely there is success. When we talk about instant success, it is really from the very beginning. I think that looking at Dadi Prakashmani, we all learned that whenever you have elevated thought, share. Share with everyone and you see how much acceptance there is.

One time someone asked Didi Manmohini how do I know this thought is from Baba or from my mind? Didi said to share your thought with the team, group, or family. Sometimes it was accepted, sometimes they said they weren’t ready for it. Will I be disappointed? Maybe, but it was because you said, “my idea”. You could have said it is a pure idea, not my idea. Didi said when it is “mine”, then you are disappointed, but if it’s Baba’s, you won’t have any negative thoughts. Many things Brahma Baba told us I couldn’t do for many years, but he never showed that he was disappointed with me. He kept encouraging, empowering, and I knew that it will happen one day, when there will be strength. To understand faith and remain totally in this faith, ‘mine’ has to go. ‘My’ or ‘mine’ has to go or anyone else in between, or it won’t be successful. If it’s from Baba and it came to me and I shared it with the family, if it is accepted I’m very happy. If not, it’s drama. If it’s Baba’s it will happen at the right moment not now.

When Dadi Janki came here I told her that it’s quite a big place, there are always a lot of demands, and she said never say no to anyone for anything. I asked, “but if I can't do it?” She said, “It will happen. Just say yes at the right time.” Each word they said to us has become like magic mantras. We keep applying them and at every step you see there is instant fruit or instant success. Baba says success is our birthright. Golden aged sankars come from this word success. I am the soul because I understand Baba’s shrimat is very successful, stable, unshakeable, and constantly occupied through my thoughts for actions in God's service and service to humanity. I think that it’s a golden aged sanskar, where there will be self-trust, instant success and constantly belonging to one big family.

Recently I had been telling everyone I don’t want to be world ruler, because we know at present what responsibility means. Self-sovereignty is very good. When it comes to world sovereignty, it is not the temptation of a crown and throne, but what should your qualities be? How will your state of mind be as world emperor? All the qualities are required to play such roles, but I know that if it’s our part in drama, we will all play our part in a very beautiful way. Let's emerge what is needed and as it merges the percentage, you will know what your status is in the future. We started this journey and all of us together will definitely have many beautiful experiences.

Om Shanti

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