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Sow Seeds of Love #20

Elevated_Self_Respect_20 Mohini Didi June 20, 2023

Om Shanti!

Everyone is okay? Baba had been talking about self respect. When there is love, there is respect. Before we had love for ourselves, but that was because of body consciousness. For example, I am tall, I am beautiful, I have money. All these are different kinds of ego or false ego. When we come to know truly what we are and then we experience it, we look at ourselves as an idol, God's child, and we are becoming worship worthy. The love that awakens in our hearts is for the self, true love for the self. When you have true love for the self, then you take care of the self. You respect yourself, you don't allow yourself to be addicted to anything, or abuse yourself in any way. Some of the habits are harmful and abusive. So as much as one recognizes the self, the more respect we give to the self, a lot of transformation happens. What Baba is saying is that, if you are in self respect then you give respect to others. When you give respect to others, then you sow the seed of love and respect in others also. That means the seed is sown in the heart to love and respect, not only human beings, I feel we have to respect nature, the elements also. Dadi Janki said she had 12 dresses for 12 years. She must have maintained them with love and respect. If you don't care for it, then it definitely gets torn sooner. So how much love and respect does everyone have for nature?

First, I experienced internally that l started respecting myself, not only the body, but the soul, the quality of the soul. That same soul and body are becoming worship worthy and then they are worshiped as idols in the Copper Age and Iron Age. It is a very important value to respect yourself and respect others. Every little thing you respect, you will never waste. Respect comes from that true love because everything in our life is supporting us, sustaining us, and is meant for us to use it. We respect what we are using. I know sometimes even if there is little food left, you don't want to waste it because you respect food. Maybe I don't need it, but someone else can use it. It's very important to know that it's for our survival and sustenance. So go deeper into self respect, what will emerge will be respect for everyone else. Then everyone sees how beautifully respect is given to that soul. You sow the seed of respect in the hearts of others also. We want to serve everyone now. This is also a big service which is not visible like a lecture, but when people look at this kind of etiquette, such behavior really helps them. When you sow a seed of any elevated action, you inspire others also. When you inspire others, then they do service and you do service, also. If you are doing service, but your interaction is not with respect, it won't be service. So I find that the inculcation of love and respect does a lot of service.

When we serve Baba's food to the many people who come here, they might not be in knowledge, but they look at how we serve and they say, “Oh, you all feed everyone with a lot of love and respect.” So any kind of action you do, words you speak, the way you interact with each other with self respect and respect of others, you are doing a lot of service. These days, there are no values in the practical life of people. There is a lack of love and respect all over. It takes a few minutes just to disrespect or interact in a wrong way. So when they see something which is of value, immediately they take it, and they start using it in their life. If you keep your place very clean, then anyone who comes will say, “Oh, it's so clean.” Then the thought will come, “Maybe I should keep my home that clean also.” So, that is why Baba wants us in our life, and also in our service or actions, to have some quality, some virtue. So they are not only taking from us in a physical way. Like when we serve bhog, if you're doing it with love with patience, and you give with that love and respect, immediately everyone will notice, appreciate, and would want to do that.

So I think that self respect means that I sow this seed of love and respect, but also every other virtue. When Brahma Baba started the yagya until now, everything done in yagya is with respect. Every soul is respected. So when we respect our own actions or do it respectfully then automatically we are serving many souls. That's what people are looking for, something practical, not only lectures. They want to see how you are doing it, and when they see it, automatically there is a big change in them. Let's say we got our bhog plate, or you got your water, you take a moment to remember Baba and give drishti, and somebody sitting next to you doesn't know that. We look at this and internally we will appreciate and maybe ask you or start doing it, “Oh, let me be in silence.” Let me give drishti to all. We remember Baba and eat. All that is not only what we tell them to do, but if we are doing it, then you see how many will do it. Doing is more important than saying. So we keep our aim, as Baba is saying, to sow the seed in the hearts of others. So whether it is respect, love, or any action we do, it definitely will have a big impact on the hearts of others. Sowing seeds in the hearts of others means to multiply, right? Seed means what? Whenever you sow a seed, a big tree appears, so many fruits and flowers. That's what real service is, and also it creates an atmosphere within the family, in the place, there is a lot of love and respect.

Om Shanti

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