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Silent sound of the Soul - Serving through Face & Drishti #14

Silent_Sound_of_the_Soul_14 Mohini_Didi March 14, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

The confluence age is the age, where we have to have experience of all attainments. Yesterday Baba mentioned the inheritance in Murli. Parents always think of giving an inheritance to children so that they feel safe and secure, but our inheritance from Baba is imperishable. Knowledge is imperishable. One is my own effort, the other is to become worthy to claim inheritance, not out of mercy, but as our right. How I look at, not only points of knowledge, but understanding, gaining power to discern, being sensible, it's very deep which we call enlightenment, wisdom. We change knowledge into elevated qualities. Baba said, you claim inheritance but also help others to claim inheritance.

Every thought creates a vibration, every thought. Thoughts are very valuable and at this time true service is to create the vibrations of love, peace, hope, courage and faith. All of these vibrations create an atmosphere where souls feel supported and are getting power. It is required wherever I am, but also worldwide. Baba says, souls are unhappy, peaceless, but also these days there is a lot of suffering. Some are going through physical violence but others have a lot of fear, concern for the future, for the family, which is real. We, through our vibrations, connect them with Baba so they can receive security and love. At this time it's God's love which protects us and gives us strength. We also keep the aim not to have waste thoughts, because our thoughts can serve all the time. Immediately if any extra thoughts come, I say, let me serve and remember Baba. True service is now mansa seva.

Whenever you meet anyone, first contact is eye contact, that contact creates a connection. Recognition in soul conscious drishti creates a true relationship. You come to know the specialities of that soul through eye contact and a very special relationship is created. Baba had been saying serve through face, eyes and then through activities. Anytime you meet anyone, create a stage of soul consciousness. Many times Brahma Baba had to meet lokik officials who used to come to ask questions about the organization. Baba would take a few moments to invoke Shiv Baba, be in soul consciousness, then come out. The way Baba spoke and looked at them, they were so touched. They asked their questions but they were very polite and respectful. That is called serving through the face. Face has to immediately say, you are peaceful, content, loving, and cooperative. Sakash is not only light but could be the vibration of any virtue. Serve through face, eyes and activities.

Chehra and chalan. Chalan is when you are doing something enthusiastically. The quality of enthusiasm is serving others, because they get inspired or they feel very enthusiastic. Certain actions require courage and if I keep courage Baba will help me. When you have that thought, you are giving the sakash, rays of courage or you are very loving, soft spoken and sweet, automatically others are inspired. That's another kind of sakash. Every virtue in our actions is sakash for souls. We serve 24 hours actually. If we have certain disciplines in life, a good time table or good balance between self-progress and service, that also is giving sakash. When Baba said, mansa seva, it’s not that I just sit in meditation and am giving rays to everyone but it can be a whole day. Those around us, those who are far from us, all this definitely helps souls. Baba had been saying that in the whole world there is hopelessness, fear, they don't know what is in the future. Internally we know a new world is being created.

Secondly, when soul leaves the body, I will go home, I will come into the kingdom, so I don't have any fear about leaving the body. I also remind myself that I have to be in remembrance when I leave my body. In the body, I have to be a companion, helper and good instrument of Baba. There is so much that I am and I can be, that there is no fear. Our intellect knows Baba, has faith in Baba, has that destination. People are on a physical journey, they are moving forward not knowing where they're going. They have a lot of desires, ambition, but there is no aim. We are on a double journey, a spiritual journey and physical journey. As every year passes, the body ages, but the soul is immortal. I am not just passing my time, but I am preparing, earning, accumulating. We have so much direction and clarity from Baba and I call this more inheritance. Baba's is present in our life, as Teacher, Guide and Liberator. We keep our intellect engaged in reflection, remembrance and experiencing different relationships with Baba. Each one of you must be feeling that you value your thoughts. Remain in self-respect and don't allow waste thoughts to come. When anything creates, “why, how, what, who, when”, I can use a full stop. Everyone has a different part to play.

These 15 days we took 15 main characteristics of the personality of Dadi Gulzar. Dadi Gulzar, with Baba, will remain with us, because for 40 years Avyakt BapDada used her chariot and served through the eyes, face and activity. She is an angel for us of patience and love, many qualities. We think, I also want to be an instrument for God, so surrendered, humble, all beautiful qualities.

Om Shanti


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