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Silent sound of the Soul - 'Om Shanti' - The Great Mantra #1

Silent_Sound_of_the_Soul_1 Mohini_Didi March 1, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Is everyone happy? Okay, yes, very good! How many of you have met Dadi Gulzar? Let me see hands, very few. How many of you have seen Dadi Gular, not when Avyakt Bapdada was in her, but just Dadi Gulzar? Dadi Gulzar also came to New York, I think, a few times. She was in California, and different places. She was the medium, a chariot for Avyakt BapDada, but in 74 or 75, she also used to travel at that time. We had many new centers, so the two of us traveled for about three months. I was in Guyana, and it was a new center. Just imagine, she gave the seven days course and there were 80 souls who used to come every day. I have seen her journey, not only from there, but I have seen her journey in Delhi also. She has, of course, a unique personality, and very unique characteristics. She was sharing about when she started having all these visions of the Kalpa tree, and of the cycle. Baba knew that she had a special part. Once Baba told her, “A lot of service will be done through your eyes.” There were a lot of children at the beginning, and Baba did not let her get involved with children’s activities. Sometimes she used to say,” Why doesn’t Baba allow me to play?” Baba used to say, “No, you have a special part.” She was only 10 years old. Baba would keep her near, and Baba would talk to her. So, she became very introverted, very silent. From the very beginning, she always spoke very little. This silence and introversion was not something controlled or suppressed, but very elevated. She didn’t think much, not because she didn’t have capacity, but she observed. She was observing Baba’s role, observing Drama’s role, and everyone’s role, just observing, the same as Brahma Baba. Brahma Baba never questioned, whatever anyone was doing, Baba would give the teachings, Baba would give shrimat. This is right, and then Baba would watch, observe, Baba would mention to Momma sometimes, and Momma would sit and explain, and tell what should be corrected and how.

So, Dadi Gulzar was unique in a way, and of course every Dadi has her own specialty, but Dadi Gulzar’s were unique. She was so much into self-respect that nothing ever affected her, and because of that, she was very humble. I remember that we used to have cultural programs in Om Shanti Bhavan, and she used to come a little late. So, in cultural programs, all the seats get very full. In those days there were no reserved seats like they have now. Dadi would just look around, and of course we all would give her a seat. She was so humble. She didn't demand a seat, or respect, or opportunity. She had not only self- respect, but contentment. She also knew where to interact and where not to interact. Whenever she spoke, she had very wise words. She also had a lightness about everything. When Baba became Avyakt, bhog was offered on 21st January, 1969 and Baba said that she would be the official messenger, that she is the only one whom Baba would choose as medium to speak the murli. How gently, and with a lot of self-trust, she accepted her role, and played it very naturally. Sometimes Baba would be speaking for 13 hours, meeting groups personally and she had 13 hours of sitting. This was definitely an important role, because whatever Baba spoke through her, she was the embodiment ,so everyone believed it. If there was a contrast between what she is and what Baba is saying, then people would talk. This is so important for all of us also, we could say very elevated things, but our own nature, behavior, characteristics, all have to be equal.

So, Dadi had deep silence, and that silence also had peace and power. It was not like a controlled mind; but she was very peaceful, very loveful, content and I will say, there was self-trust and self-respect. When the mind is peaceful, it thinks very positively, and when the mind is not peaceful, it starts thinking all different kinds of things. So, Dadi Gulzar speaking ‘Om Shanti’ created so much silence. Whenever she spoke, anytime, like whenever there was a situation, we would listen to one person but with her, she would say, “I listen to both sides.” She would call both sides together. I was remembering today that she would never repeat who said something, because if you are hearing through someone, you are not hearing. So, she had her way of, what I call, neutral karmas. If someone has a karmic account with another soul, and I also start saying the same, I am also creating karmas. So, how to be neutral in deciding and doing? I remember a few years ago, there was a situation and she wouldn't even describe it, she would say to call that person. So, there were a lot of very subtle qualities and characteristics based on knowledge, and keeping herself very clean in karmic accounts with words. That was and that is silence! You are listening, you are seeing, but internally you are very silent about everything.That is the power, the power of silence. Otherwise, naturally it happens that you listen, you think, then you repeat.

So, inner silence is based on a very royal quality of purity. We all have to be ‘the sound of silence.’ We selected the sound of silence because it is from deep silence that the real words come out. Om Shanti is not just a word, but it means I am a peaceful soul, so that eternity, the eternal stage of soul, and remembrance of Baba, emerges. So it’s really very beautiful. We used to go and take drishti from Dadi and we used to feel Baba's presence, “Dadi, you give drishti, Baba is giving.” She would say, “You all come to see me because of Baba.” We would say, “No, we love you also.” So, both Avyakt BapDada and Dadi Gulzar started becoming alike, the presence, the virtues, the power, everything was very natural. So, we all should also practice this, we have to become this. Baba must have helped Dadi Gulzar, too. That’s why she was so natural. So, these two weeks we will be sharing different stories of Dadi Gulzar, her specialties, her qualities and how her thoughts, words, and actions were the same, very clean, very light. She is a very pure soul. So, these are some of the qualities of Dadi Gulzar. We call it the ‘sound of silence’ because of very deep silence, and we also will say, “Om Shanti” with that deep silence.

Om Shanti

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