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Silent sound of the Soul - Not "Why" But "Fly" #4

Silent_Sound_of_the_Soul_4 Mohini_Didi March 4, 2022

Om Shanti!

We arrived in Shantivan. Quite a long trip but Baba carries us in his lap and Baba's protection is always there. There have been so many fears and rumors about what could happen, but Baba is with us. I wish for you all to take care of yourself. That's Baba's love for us; he wants us to fly. Why does Baba want us to fly? In one murli, Baba said that when you are in high altitude and look down, a big house will look l very small. If you are on the ground and look up, it will look very big. Baba gives this example for the situations. Dadi Janki always used to tell us to first make whatever the situation is something small, then you can deal with it. Dadi Gulzar with Baba through her, would say don't get stuck with ‘why’ and ‘what’. It could be out of curiosity, why does this keep happening? There could be reasons, but we get stuck. It happened, it had to happen in the drama. Some want to know so they can avoid it in the future. Learning is one thing, but one could really get stuck with ‘why’ and ‘what’. If we get stuck, drama won't help us, it continues to spin. That is why the world is called ‘chakra’, Chakra constantly spins, because you cannot stop time. Somewhere deep within, learn how to move with the time, every moment.

Whenever I went to Madhuban and looked at the dadi's they were so relaxed. I remember that sometimes after lunch we would all sit together and everyone would get a plate of fruits and talk, laugh and enjoy our fruit plate. Some people ask who the heads are because when they look at them, they are so relaxed. If they get heavy about anything, then thousands will start becoming like that.

There is a beautiful flag hoisting program in Pandav Bhavan, Gyan Sarovar and Shantivan. Baba's flag in the air is really flying so beautifully because it goes high. When it goes high, a lot of flower petals get showered on everyone. It's a very beautiful scene especially in Shantivan with thousands of Baba's children. Baba’s flag is flying high. In the same way, our heart and mind should remain very light, but it's a lot of practice. Keep this aim to remain very light, but also elevated. Flying high is seeing everything as okay. One thing I learned with the time is how internally we should remain focused on our efforts. Anyone who keeps making effort will not get stuck anywhere. If I stay focused on my efforts then I think that things don't touch me. Otherwise when it touches then the feelings and emotions are affected. It's interesting to practice and see how I can do it practically. Baba talks about the wings of zeal and enthusiasm. Baba says enthusiasm gets lost when we ask why it keeps happening. When enthusiasm gets lost in a way the wings are broken.

The power to face is also important. Sometimes you have to face certain situations, but do it with the thought that I have to fly. I cannot get stuck on ‘why’, but I have to fly. I think we can practice this more. Baba is saying this. He is almighty, when almighty Baba is saying, so it is. If I do it, Baba will give me power. That is also something very important to remember, it’s not a human being who is saying it. When Baba says something then definitely it has a lot of power.

Reflect on this, and then practice. Keep Dadi Gulzar’s example in front of you. When there are ten to twenty thousand brothers and sisters in the crowd and Avyakt Bapdada is there, everyone is in such deep silence. One time we had some guests who were sitting on the front row and they kept looking at the back. After the program they said to us, “Oh, we were wondering if there are any people sitting or not.” Baba takes us into such silence. One reason there is silence is because everyone is merged in Baba's love. Everyone is remembering Baba, so because of that everyone is so still, quiet and peaceful. It's a different kind of silence which is very sweet, loving as if I am merged in Baba's love. Take a few moments to reflect on that and make your stage, flying stage.

Om shanti and goodbye everyone!

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