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Silent sound of the Soul - My Baba #2

Silent_Sound_of_the_Soul_2 Mohini_Didi March 2, 2022

Om Shanti!

The month of March has begun with such a beautiful celebration, the celebration of a birthday. Baba comes to dispel the darkness of ignorance, and brings the light of knowledge in life, in the world. So, we started the month in a very beautiful way, hoisting Baba’s flag in our hearts, and in our world. Also, this month is important because we will be explaining, thinking from our heart, and talking about the second medium, Dadi Gulzar ji. We all are preparing for her first memorial service, not only in Shantivan, but all over. I will be in Madhuban at that time. Dadi Gulzar, in the company of Baba, became like a Baba. Generally, she would be sitting outside History Hall on the bench, or sometimes in the courtyard, and we would pass and stop to take drishti from her. We got such feelings of the presence of Avyakt BapDada. So, we would say, “Dadi, when we take drishti from you, we feel that Baba is giving drishti.” She would smile and very gently whisper, “You all come to meet Baba when you come to see me. Actually, you all are the ones who bring Baba with you, so you experience.” It was very lovely to get that answer from her. We all know that she was very silent, but very blossomed, a very cheerful and light hearted person. She made everyone light and cheerful also. SHe spoke little, but whatever she spoke, her sound brought silence in us. Generally, sound should create sound, words should create words, but her words were the image, and everything brought the atmosphere of silence. Silence that was very sweet, and one feels a lot of power in that silence.

I have had many beautiful experiences with Dadi Gulzar since I became Baba’s child. My spiritual birth was in Delhi, and Dadi Gulzar was also in Delhi. So, the two of us were good friends, companions, and worked together for sustenance of the family in Delhi. Also, there were many adverse situations where the two of us would talk and come up with some very beautiful solutions. Dadi Gulzar had such a deep connection with Baba, and closeness with Baba. When you are obedient and when Baba is using you, you remain obedient and take direction at every step-in the life. Once she wanted to go to Delhi for two days, so she went to ask Dadi. Dadi looked at her and said, “Did you ask Baba?” She smiled and said, “Yes, I have asked Baba, and Baba said yes, I could go, but I wanted your permission also.” That was her humility. Dadi Gulzar set a good example, and also had closeness to Baba. It’s not that Baba has to tell us, but we should ask Baba. Baba always mentions that we should tell Baba everything, and then Baba will give directions.

So, we practice this sound of ‘Om Shanti’. We are saying ‘I am a peaceful soul’ but ‘shanti’ also means silence. In soul consciousness, in silence, I say, “I am peaceful”. So, we practice that combination of silence and peace. Then what comes from our heart in this peaceful mind is ‘my Baba’. Dadi Gulzar always used to tell us, “Don’t only say Baba, but say, ‘my Baba.’ Anything that you say is mine, there is very deep love with that. So yes, He is our Baba. He is the Baba of the world, but He is also my Baba. So, today we will do this the whole day, think about My Baba, and see what experience you have, His blessing of closeness to Baba. When I say, “My Baba”, then Baba also says, “My child”. Like when I say, “Wah Baba”, Baba also says, “Wah my child”. I say, “My fortune”, then Baba also says,” My child’s elevated fortune”. So, we will specially use the word ‘My Baba’. I belong to Baba, Baba belongs to me, and whatever are my belongings, I surrender to Baba. Then Baba also says, “Child, all My inheritance, all the rights, all the virtues also belong to you”. Creating this awareness of ‘My Baba’ not only brings the feelings of belonging, but it’s like I am obedient to my father, my Baba. I take His directions and then do what I have to do. Baba also says, “Child I am also present”. In Hindi we use these two words; ‘Ji Hajoor, Ji Hajeer’! We say, “Yes Baba, I am for you”, and Baba says,”Child, I am also present; I am also for you!”

So, keep using this word ‘My Baba’. It’s a beautiful way not only for my closeness to Baba, but reminding others also that they can also say, “my Baba”. Just imagine that this whole unlimited family will say, “My Baba”. Baba actually is always very close to us, but we distance ourselves. By saying “My Baba”, we will come near, and when you come near, you become like Baba. Dadi Gulzar was such an example. Even when she was listening to service news or situations, scenes of Drama, she used to say, “I am not listening, they are telling Baba.” We also had that feeling, while we were telling her that Baba was listening. So, such a beautiful way of becoming close, and then becoming lighter, becoming like Baba, and Baba is complete. I also have to be complete. I think most of you must have met Dadi Gulzar, if not Dadi Gulzar, then definitely Avyakt Bapdada. Those who went to Madhuban to meet Avyakt Bapdada would have seen Dadi Gulzar in the beginning, and then Avykt Bapdada uses her to speak to all of us. This is a way of being aware of everything but not alert, because subtle tension can emerge. You know Baba gives the example that attention becomes tension. So, just have awareness, remembrance, and keep singing the praise of Baba. We don’t pray, we don’t chant, but it’s from our heart, we keep praising Baba, because He is ‘My Baba’. So, my Baba is very sweet, very lovely, and I also have to be sweet like Baba.

So, celebrating the life of Dadi Gulzar and greeting the sound of silence in us also. It is not just ‘Om Shanti’, but every word we speak, there is deep silence, or we speak in the awareness of ‘Om shanti’. Every word we speak has to be peaceful. So, let us all practice ‘Om Shanti’ and ‘My Baba’. When you say, “Om Shanti”, deeply let everything merge, and in silence be peaceful, then from there say, “My Baba”. So, I am sure this month of March is special for us and yes, we all will be together in Shantivan in Madhuban, Pandav Bhavan, everywhere. So, my greetings and my love to each one of you, and just keep saying, “My Baba.”

Om Shanti

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