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Silent sound of the Soul - Baba and I - Combined #11

Silent_Sound_of_the_Soul_11 Mohini_Didi March 11th, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Everyone must have received a lot of blessings from Dadi. Dadi Gulzar always had words of blessings. She wants us through drishti and words to share Baba’s blessings for everyone. It’s not that I am giving blessings, I can only give good wishes. That is Baba’s blessings, but I can repeat them. Blessings are very important because they can remove many past eclipses. We also have to remind ourselves of the blessings Baba gives us.

It feels so comfortable if I keep Baba in my heart. When Baba is in my heart, then my heart can never hurt. My heart cannot take any sorrow. When I keep Baba in my heart, nothing from the outside can touch me. It’s not just a question of love, but Baba is the Almighty, Purifier, Unlimited, the Ocean. He’s the One who forgives. He fills everyone’s apron. All the qualities of Baba will be experienced, not just in the intellect as information, but they become the reality.

We are taking homework of the combined form. Combined could be in the awareness, but one of the combined forms is Shivshakti. Shakti is power, Shiva is one who is benevolent. It is in our heart that we have pure thoughts of being benevolent. Always be a bestower and bring benefit. Shiva is the one who is truth. When I am Shakti, I have the shakti of bringing benefit, being love-full, and truthful. In this combined form with Shiva, I have the powers which Baba has. Basically Shaktis are shown to destroy evil, but also some of the Shaktis or goddesses are worshiped for fulfilling the desires of everyone. When we are combined, it’s not just destroying devils or evil from everyone’s heart, it’s bringing benefit to everyone. Power to destroy is also necessary, but with power to destroy, create within souls through power of benevolence, power of love, power of peace. One of the qualities of Baba is the Remover of Sorrow and Bestower of Happiness. Purifier is removing the impurity and making someone pure. Baba says, in the end everyone will become pure, but some will be through punishment. One part is removing something, but the other part is to create. That is the combined form. I am not only destroying as a Shakti, but I am also creating, like a Shivshakti.

I can create awareness: I am with Baba, Baba is with me, I belong to Baba, Baba belongs to me, combined. We can look at the example of BapDada. One time Baba said don’t try to even think who is speaking. Always remember ShivBaba is speaking. Then Brahma Baba said I churn, reflect, and have the experience of the spiritual journey, of applying knowledge. Both have their own specialities. I am in the combined form with Karankaravanhar Baba, but I am also one who has to have power, strength and virtue to do it. I cannot say, ‘Oh, I can remain weak, let Baba make things happen.’ I cannot just depend on Baba to make it happen. Baba, does it so that I become the embodiment. Baba gives the experience of love to anyone, then I have to be loving. That was the example of Dadi Gulzar, or any Dadi. Baba did through them. Then they started becoming that. Many times it happens, I may not feel help from Baba, but whatever happens, maintain courage so He can help through you. Many ask me what Baba does and how much do I have to do? Baba will do, He’s unlimited, He's the bestower, but I should also do what He’s doing and adopt that power and virtue. This is also becoming. Combined form will make me like Baba. Baba is with me whenever I’m doing something. Experiment, it has to be clear, but also it has to be practical. I keep courage, Baba will help me. When Baba has helped me, then I have courage. Sometimes you have to just have a very clear thought that I am Shivshakti. Your shakti remains in the emerged form to bring benefit, to purify, to remove sorrow. Baba does help, but the instrument also has to be proper.

Om Shanti

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