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Silent sound of the Soul -Apply A Dot #3

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

Silent_sound_of_the_Soul_3 Mohini_Didi March 3, 2022

Om Shanti!

Baba's knowledge is very simple, then Baba says that it is also easy yoga. We have to become the embodiment of that in day-to-day life, to live with different scenes of Drama happening around. So, we need a lot of practice. I will say not only practice, but a lot of tapasya to get to that stage. One of the very important aspects of knowledge is when Baba says, “Children, just become bindu, use bindu, and be bindu.” Isn't it very simple? In practical, to be just a point, where I am able to merge all the details and just be bindu. For Baba, we do say that Baba is a Point and also the Ocean. Everything emerges from Him, and when He is speaking, knowledge emerges. So, how do we also go in detail but then be essenseful, how does everything get merged, then emerge at the right time? This requires the power to merge, and then the power to emerge. One of the important practices is to experience the soul is not in the body, it is a point of light in the incorporeal form, in the soul world, there are no thoughts, there are no details. So, I practice the incorporeal stage and think of myself as the seed. This practice can definitely help us to reach the stage where I could be just a point of light and connect with Baba as a point of light. I think you all remember one time Baba had said, “You all need to apply three dots. First dot is I, as a soul, the point of light and Baba as a point of light. He is unlimited, like the ocean, but in the seed form. The third important one is to say, “Drama” and use it as a full stop. Unless we are able to put a full stop to the past, we will not be able to move forward, because the mind has this tendency to keep going back.

Baba is the World Benefactor, and he wants us to always think about what has to be done next. We say there will be another day, and that day is tomorrow. After that, another day is the day after tomorrow. So, it's a very subtle practice of becoming a seed, a point. To connect with Baba also in the seed form, you constantly have to apply a full stop to every minute that passes in the Drama. It is a Drama, full stop. It's like you have to keep chanting this so that your thoughts are not going back again and again. Sanskars are there, what you have seen, what you have heard, what you have gone through, and those sanskars will emerge in the form of thoughts. If you had any experience that was very pleasant, then thoughts will come, “Oh there was a beautiful experience”, and then you feel very happy. If there was a situation where you found that subtle fear is emerging or tension is emerging, that also will come back in the thoughts. So, for that, I remember one time Baba said that consistent awareness is important, and we all have been practicing. I think we have achieved a certain percentage of awareness, natural awareness of ‘I am a soul’, and ‘everyone is a soul’. In that consciousness as a soul, everyone is loveful, everyone is peaceful, and everyone's intentions are always very good.

So, this practice of soul consciousness requires a lot of attention and I think as much as we do it, we will find that external situations won't affect the mind. What you are seeing from outside, you're not taking it in. Then whatever practice I did, what is in, will come out in words or in drishti or in attitude. I also need to remember what I need to merge in the seed. I look at the scene of the Drama, and I see there is some benefit in this. I am learning from this, my power is increasing. All of that will become your sanskars, or your awareness. You may say, “Why is this happening, what is happening? This shouldn't be happening.” When such thoughts are there, that means I am not internally focused on the practice. The same with Baba. I sometimes say I just want to be merged in Baba as the Ocean of Love, or as the Ocean of Peace. Baba is almighty, so I also want to be master almighty. In this way, I can merge and that will help me to also take qualities and powers from Baba. Always remember that being Baba's child, every scene of Drama will bring some benefit for you. At the time, you might not be able to exactly see what the benefit is, but at a later stage, you could feel it.

Drama is indicating to us to practice more. More tapasya is needed. As I said, tapasya won't be just sitting because we are on the task, God's task. So, we have to do elevated actions to be helpers in God’s task. Baba has come to transform impure souls into pure souls, and the whole world has to change. So in that task, I come in contact with so many different types of souls and different kinds of service. While doing all that, I have to keep saying, “Baba and Drama”, two points. So, maybe you all can practice. Just put one point, then a second point, then a third. Sometimes you can start just with the dot of Drama, and then Baba, then you. Sometimes you can start with yourself as a point, then Baba, and then Drama. It's only when I practice, apply, then I know what really helped me, and how much I was able to do this in practical. As a point, I will always remember my qualities of love, peace, and happiness. All these beautiful qualities are the qualities of I as an eternal being, a point of light. Also, to be consistent, we have very short traffic control every hour. When I do this, it starts becoming natural like you feel that now I need to practice, because my mind is absorbing other things. Baba has given us the guarantee that we will become perfect, and they always say that practice makes you perfect.

So, we all have to keep courage and with courage, we have to continuously do this practice. As you all know that we are traveling. Of course, taking you angels with us. I'm just in transit, saying hello to you and continuing our series. So, of course, we say, “my Baba'' but when I say this, I have to create that stage of using the point. That's when everything multiplies. You only have to keep adding one point more, one point more, one more. So, I am sure that drop by drop, the pond becomes full, and the same will happen to us. One day we will say, “Yes Baba, I am also master ocean like You, I am also master almighty like You.” So, in the mind, keep repeating this rosary so that our point by point can increase, and then finally, I become just a point. Then, I am able to apply Drama as a point in a very effective and proper way. So, I am sure you all will do this practice.

Om Shanti

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