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Silent sound of the Soul - Alokik Language #15

Silent_Sound_of_the_Soul _15 Mohini_Didi March 15, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

So lovely to see each one of you, yes, all Baba’s lovely children, long lost and now found. So, we have been thinking about Dadi Gulzar’s qualities. Baba chooses the soul with all the qualities that Baba spoke about in Brahma Baba, one who follows Brahma Baba. Baba spoke of five steps, every morning we listen to one step, renunciation, faithful, obedient. Can you imagine that as soon as Dadi Gulzar recognized that this is God, and that I have all relationships with Him, her intellect never pulled towards any human beings? She was lovely, very friendly, and humble. So, everyone would come very close to her but still, she was very detached and lovely. So, we also have to keep the aim to follow Brahma Baba. There are two sayings; one is silent chanting, you are chanting but there is no sound. The same is what I experience these days. Yes, you want to convey your thoughts or message in words, but you feel like creating that experience within the self before speaking. So, they are not just coming from intellect, but they are being spoken with experience. That means when I am talking about peace, then I go within and for a few moments, I create peace. Then I use the word peace. When we say loveful, I create love within the soul and when I am loveful, then I use the word love. So, one is of course intellectually appealing and people like it, but they are also touched. Not only are they touched, but they experience those words as blessings.

I am either embodiment or I am creating an experience of that quality and then I say the words. It is very interesting because I also noticed that I am going into that experience and then I am saying it. During the day, there has been practice, creating that stage even for a few moments and then one speaks. So, that’s called alokik language. When we say that I have to go beyond, one goes beyond, and then from that stage one says how to be beyond, how to be detached, how to be lovely. You know Baba always says that the biggest attainment and capacity is the capacity to experience, and when people are not able to experience, then the intellect wanders. When you are experiencing something, then you really go inside, you are stable, and you want to do more, like tasting something. When you are eating some fruit, let’s say mango, you suck it and you like it, you don’t want to leave even the skin, you want to keep sucking because you are experiencing the sweetness of the mango. It is the same with any attainment. The stage of being loveful, detached, detached observer, or being with Baba, any kind of stage. Now for a long time, you all have been practicing different stages and these stages are very important. As much as we consistently practice, it becomes very natural.

Most of us, I think, have met Dadi Gulzar, her eyes speak, her silence speaks, and then she speaks. Through drishti, we experience her cheerfulness, through drishti, her love from Baba and for Baba. Baba transmits so clearly that we keep taking drishti from Dadi. Otherwise, some find it very difficult to take drishti even for a few moments. So many find it difficult to take drishti or give drishti for a long time. They will do it for a while and then the eyes move. With Dadi Gulzar, you can keep sitting, keep receiving, sharing drishti, because what you are experiencing is Baba’s love, stability, carefree stage. Not only looking at just the soul, but looking at the specialties, looking at your virtues, and the part. So, her main language is through the eyes first and these days whenever requests come, “Can we come, take drishti and toli blessings?” That’s only what people ask for. It's a little different. Before they would say, “Can you say something? Now, no. So, that’s why internally creating a stage, experiencing, like if someone has sorrow or worry, it is very much visible through the eyes. Then of course, be still, in silence, very deep silence, before speaking. It’s not that you instantly keep saying something. Deep silence, and then comes the words, and in that also, you have to say a few words, softly, gently. So, that is in a way, alokik language, where the intellect and mind are very quiet and peaceful.

Brahma Baba was also very cheerful, he would give a few moments of drishti. Of course, for him, he kept looking so that Shiv Baba would come in him. Let's see what Shiv Baba has to say through him, it was a little different. We really took a lot of drishti from Brahma Baba also, waiting for Shiv Baba to appear, invoking Shiv Baba. So, we also have to emerge our stage of silence, stage of perfection, stage of deep love for Baba. We keep creating that, then there is some power in drishti, and there is some attraction for the soul, and the soul really wants to take drishti. So, all of us have to practice this, where we have to say less through words, but more through our eyes, through vibrations of a very nice stage.

So lovely to be here, the crowd is getting less, and others will be arriving. There is a big festival of Holi, on the 17-18, two days will be Holi. One day they burn Holi and on the second day they play Holi, sprinkle the powder. Let’s see, for me it's my first time in Shantivan. I am not sure what they do here. Whatever they do, and whatever we experience, we will share with you. Holi actually means that it reminds us to be holy. I really like that ‘holi’ means, it happened, its Drama, let go. Holi, ‘ho’ means it's past now. Every moment we can say ‘holi’, what is next, let us move forward, and not keep thinking about what happened. Let’s see what is going to happen. Let's remember Baba and practice holi. Burn it, and then play with different colors.

Om Shanti

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