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Serving Through The Mind #22

Give_Blessings_Receive_Blessings_22 Mohini_Didi November 22, 2023

Om Shanti!

Everyone must be okay, happy! I have started my return journey. Everything is going very well. Every place has its own vibration. The place has vibrations, a person has vibrations when you enter his space, The vibration of purity, love, peace can really be experienced. You feel it, but from where has the vibration of the space been created? By us, right? Our presence, the vibrations of our mind spread in the space. It's so interesting. Today Baba is talking about vibrations and how service through the mind can happen. It's not that I have to direct my thoughts to the souls in particular, but the practice that is most important is service of the mind. Let the self and others experience pure vibrations of good wishes, good feelings for every soul at every moment. Let there always be blessings emerging from your mind for every soul. Whether the soul is against you, loves you or not, my vibrations are good for that soul. Let your mind always be busy in this service. Just as you are experienced in staying busy in the service through words, and when you don't have any, you yourself feel very empty. Baba says that you experience yourself to be empty in this way. Let service through words as well as through the mind automatically continue to take place. So if you really want to help mansa seva or blessings or good wishes, then at every moment you need to create those thoughts and that virtue, that quality or Baba's remembrance. The strength of that in your mind and in your words will bring good wishes to others. So how much strength do I have in my thoughts? How far do they reach? How long do they stay? When you keep yourself busy, then you can feel the vibrations. I like the way Baba is explaining the power of pure thoughts, and then we will see how the service definitely will keep increasing. When you are alone, you can't keep talking right? You need someone with you, but with mansa seva, you can be alone and keep creating thoughts of knowledge, of yoga, of any virtue. When you keep creating the thoughts, that means you are practising and your each thought is becoming full of strength and the vibrations. So, when your mind has vibrations then it affects everyone. So, this is the homework and I think it's very interesting because if we pay attention, every thought has to be elevated, every thought has to be full of good wishes, every thought to have love for everyone. That will increase the power of your thoughts in the form of vibrations. So keep continuing, increase your power, so that the vibrations reach very far and every thought is useful.

Om Shanti

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