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Service done with a true heart #03

Honest_Heart_3 Mohini_Didi December 3, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

So, we went to Shantivan, to Udaypur, to Delhi this morning. Tonight we leave for New York. Lovely to meet the family from everywhere. Baba is really amazing. If we listen carefully, every word that Baba speaks has deep meaning. Every time we hear the same words, but you can feel a different meaning. Today, Baba said that newness is being elevated, not ordinary, and you become a bestower, you give blessings. Then, throughout your day, whatever you do, is not ordinary, is elevated. Baba said that newness is also like, let's say I have progressed in a virtue, in anything, whatever I am doing that helps other souls to pass through the circumstances, to inspire them. So, my newness, my progress automatically serves others, makes everything easy for others. You know that at every step, we progress, we are able to serve. So should we pay attention to service or to the self. Sometimes we say balance, but it's not balance. It's 100%, self transformation and progress. If it's 100%, then automatically, service is happening.

So, I feel it's very important to focus on the self, and then also you know ‘sacha dil’ in Hindi, and ‘sachai’ can have two different meanings, truth and honesty. So, to be honest, I have to be truthful, not like truth in my personal life and honesty is more in relationships and dealing in business and tasks with money. Truth and honesty have two meanings. We use two different words, but when Baba says ‘honest heart’, it's truth and honesty both. How do I know that I am serving with true heart? It's by experiencing happiness and power. If I am tired, I get irritated, I am not very happy, it's not true service. That means you are not serving from your attainments, it's only intellectual, with the desire of success in service. Baba said that you should be generous, you should be very kind and keep serving souls, share from your attainments. When you serve from a true heart, obstacles will be removed. When obstacles are removed, you don't have to make effort. As the Master is pleased, Baba will give company as incorporeal, angelic, and in the corporeal. In all three forms, Baba will give company. I am still kind of thinking about it, and I would suggest that we all try to experience it during the day. When did I experience incorporeal company, and what was it like? So, today our homework is to really experience Baba's company in all three forms, and then we share our experience.

Om Shanti

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