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Self-respect finishes body consciousness #23

Elevated_Self_Respect_23 Mohini_Didi June 23, 2023

Om Shanti everyone!!

Baba from His heart wants us to be equal to Him. Actually, if we look within each one of us, we have all the qualities of God. Baba is the Ocean and we are images, but we have to become master oceans. I think as soon as we come to Baba, we are touched by spiritual love, peace, respect, many qualities which we witness and experience. We just say that recognition of Baba is there. “Baba, I belong to you, I surrender and I will serve you”, then we become Baba’s helpers. Baba wants all Baba’s helpers to be in the same self respect as Baba is. Baba whether eating, feeding, talking or listing is so respectful. His every gesture, every activity, every interaction is with a lot of love.

Some of us got the chance to go near to Baba. Sometimes when Baba was saying something, because of lot of activity, one is not able to hear what Baba said. They would ask Baba to repeat it. Baba would pause for a few minutes and then say what He had said before. Otherwise if there was any kind of ego then a person would ask internally, “why do I have to repeat it, why didn’t they hear it?” Baba’s had such self respect, when that is there, then there is no ego for anything. In our life we know that internally when we react to something it is a lack of not only self respect but is replaced by the ego. Also if for any reason one feels humiliated or hurt, all that comes from not only body consciousness but also ego. It’s so subtle.

Baba is giving us a very good and powerful yukti to increase self respect. Increasing self respect is knowing who I am and whom I belong to. Also, Baba gives us so many titles. Whichever you choose, being in that awareness will create self esteem or self respect. There are two things, one is body consciousness, the other is ego of the body. Body consciousness includes or invokes all the vices, attachment, greed, everything. Ego is separate. Ego is where one thinks I am a special, I am a higher or I am better and very subtly it does affect everyone. If we remain in self respect it helps others because that also helps them to be in self respect. For our interactions today, Baba saying to not only respect others by seeing them with respect, but your relationships, connections, interactions, everything should be of self respect. That is giving respect. Anyone of any faith, any age or religion, from their heart whatever they believe, we listen to it with respect. The respect which we give brings that good relationship, but also helps that soul to awaken truth. True respect is very subtle.

I like the way Baba is giving us homework that is not only that you give respect by having good vision, but your relationship, your interaction with whatever anyone is, giving respect to that soul will definitely help that soul. Also my self respect will also increase. Baba says the souls who remain in self respect are able to give respect. When there is some kind of empty space within you, that’s where the ego is. Fill yourself with thinking of how proud Baba is of each one of us. Everyone has been chosen by Baba. Sometimes we forget, but if we remember, then definitely there will not only be self respect, but there will be a lot of respect for everyone.

This whole month we have been looking at ourselves working on ourselves to look at our self respect. Never feel humiliated or ask why me. In self respect it’s not ‘I and mine’ but it’s ‘we’, because we all have that right. We all are children of Baba, we all have specialties, we all have been selected by Baba. It's not that only I am chosen and not another one. After being chosen, now you have to choose what you want to become. It's not that Baba has adopted me so I have self respect, but what do I want to become? I find that a little bit, what we call our aim, fades. If our aim is not very clear, then we get lost. Always remember why I came to Baba, what Baba wants to make me and what I should be. If there is self respect you will naturally find you are able to serve. Service is not necessarily only through worlds but through setting examples, through your image, through your activity and of course, what words we speak, how we speak, everything. One of the beautiful things I like is to be free from body consciousness, free from ego of the body. Keep the awareness of your image of self respect.

Om Shanti.

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