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Seeing the specialty of one another #28

Sweetness_and_Love_28                 Mohini_Didi                February 28, 2024

Om Shanti!

Baba has given us this unlimited family. There’s a beautiful song that says ‘We are one family. Even though we have different colours, cultures, everything, we are brothers and sisters, and we are one family’. One of the specialities which Baba wants us to inculcate is to always look at the specialty of everyone. Everyone has different specialties and everyone is a special soul. There won’t be any other such unlimited family in the world, and now we’re not only in India with all different states but we are from 100 plus countries. We all have different languages, different cultures, different features, but it’s Baba’s family. So, Baba is saying that we need to see the specialties of one another and then you feel happy because you have all the resources. Any time, anything we need is within the family. We’re able to accomplish the task, and everyone is cooperative. 

Baba’s homework for today is seeing the unlimited Brahmin family, and there is so much happiness. When twenty thousand of us sit together and especially when Baba is about to come, or Baba is here, there’s so much silence. One time we had a guest, and he said, “I had to stand up and look around at the back to see if anyone was sitting there because it was so quiet, so silent.” Everyone was in love of Baba, everyone was merged in Baba’s love. So naturally the vibrations and the atmosphere was of total silence. Our silence is not to think, but our silence is very beautifully being in an incorporeal stage, angelic stage. So, Baba is saying that seeing the unlimited Brahmin family, there’s so much happiness, this is such a good family. It feels as though we are all united, and we will continue to meet one another. Not only every kalpa, but throughout the whole cycle we are together. After the Confluence Age we will be in the Golden Age together. You know, Baba always says that if you want to follow Brahma Baba, for 84 births you will be together playing different parts, different relationships, but we will be together. So Baba says that we’re all united and will continue to meet one another. Wherever you look there’s so much sweetness. That’s the topic for the whole month, ‘sweetness’. Everyone says ‘My Baba’ and smiles so much. Throughout the whole cycle, it is only at the Confluence Age that you have such a family. So, seeing the specialties of one another while we are eating ‘dil khush mithai’, ‘dil khush toli’, and sharing that with others. Baba says to let your interactions be filled with sweetness and while doing so, all obstacles will easily finish. If there’s sweetness all the time and we look at each other, smile, look at the specialties, we will feel very good, because within the family we have all the expertise. They have all skills and together with cooperation, we are able to accomplish what is needed for God’s task. 

In Shantivan, very soon we will have about twenty thousand Baba’s children. Some are hall security, some will be helping cooking, serving, and different kinds of volunteers. So within the family every time, this time there are two zones and some others, we have Bhopal and Indore this time. So they come and they start dividing the tasks amongst the volunteers. The energy is so pure because everyone lives the life of purity, brotherly vision, and everyone has the aim to become like Baba, and soon we will be going to the Golden Age. So, it’s a kind of energy and atmosphere. So much uniformity, oneness, purity, harmony. So, I think we’re very lucky to have such an unlimited big family. As Baba says, as our Baba is unique, our family is unique. So eat ‘dil khush’ sweet and feed others also dil khush sweet.

Om Shanti 


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