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Sanskars Like Those of Bapdada #7

Transformation_of_Old_Sanskars_7 Mohini_Didi November 7, 2022

Om Shanti!

After a long trip from New York to Delhi, Delhi to Shantivan, I am now meeting you from Shantivan. The theme is so interesting that we have to match our sanskars with Baba’s sanskars. I think this is what Brahma Baba did. Brahma Baba always stayed so connected with Shiv Baba. Shiv Baba is an Ocean of Love, so Baba’s sanskars are of love, an ocean of unlimited love, bestower of love. My sanskars should also be like Baba. I have to also be the master ocean of love, love for everyone whatever souls are, love is very important. Baba is the Ocean of Knowledge, I also have to always be full of knowledge. I am full of knowledge then the way I think and my intellect everything will be based on Baba’s sanskars of knowledge. All the time, keep thinking about what Baba's qualities are, what Baba's sanskars are.

I have seen being with Brahma Baba, his love was unconditional. That love was seen as Baba's care for us, Baba is responsible for us, Baba is providing us with everything. Baba made sure that anyone who came to Madhuban would get comfort. Facilities for their needs had to be fulfilled even for small things like food. Baba would think that some of the souls have come from other states and the food of that state is different. When Gujarati’s came for the first time, every night they had curry and khichdi or during the day they would want buttermilk, you know Chaach. They drink it with lunch. Baba sat in the kitchen every night and tasted it. He said, “Yes, very good, very tasty to make them comfortable. They shouldn't think, it's out of the way for us to do it.” Baba said if you eat that, that's okay. Baba made sure that everyone is safe also. I remember I was told by Baba to go to Jaipur or wherever and I was surprised when I reached there they gave me certain things and said, “Baba told us that you should get this” and I said, “No, you don't have to do it.” They said, “No, Baba has told us”. His love was not only emotional like, “Oh Baba I love you”, but his love was practical. I find that I have a lot of those sanskars because I got that love from Baba. Baba gave me all that. It has become like it comes naturally. I should ask everyone if they have everything, eat whatever you want to eat. I'm not doing it just externally, but that's the nature, that's the sanskar. Love in a manifested form, not love like, I love you, and then I don't care about you. In the beginning, there was only enough space for about 12 guests. Baba would come around to see if we are comfortable, if we are able to sleep. He would really take care. Once two sisters were sent by invitation to someone's home and were not in the right place. At 11:00 at night they are feeling Baba's current and just decided to leave the place. They went somewhere else and stayed and the next day they came back. Baba had so much love by sustaining and remaining connected with all the souls. That is why I like when Baba says, “I am responsible for you.” Baba is definitely doing it through Brahma Baba. That is not attachment, it's like care and that sanskar of caring because God also at this time becomes like a human and what he gives to us is as a human or as the angel.

We all have our homework for tomorrow to look to see that our sanskars are like sanskars of Baba. Are we becoming like Baba? What is becoming like Baba? Think about Baba's sanskar and then what do you experience? How do you experience yourself so that they become our sanskars and then we become like Baba? Our homework for tomorrow is not my sanskar now, not my nature now.

If I make a mistake I go in front of Baba. Baba never scolded anyone, but if Baba has said something is to make that soul realize and if that soul feels even a little bit guilty and sad, Baba says,”It’s drama isn't it?” One time when a soul made a little mistake, Baba said it's not little because what you did affects many souls. Many souls will get wasteful thoughts. It's a burden, so she became a little bit like, “I shouldn’t have done that”. Immediately Baba asked, “Can there be any mistakes in drama? No”. Realization in a very sweet way, so that the soul can overcome, but does not feel bad about it. God will never do that so what we have to do also is for realization, but also very attentive. First don't react, but also don’t take sorrow from anything, “This soul shouldn't have said it” or “this is not the way she should do.” We take little sorrow so your strength is gone, you don't have power now. Work on yourself, change your feelings and at the right time whatever you have to say, you say it.

Mama was like Baba the way Mama reminded souls about what Baba said, all that what Baba did to her, gave to her. This is how we have to inculcate the sanskars of Baba. My thoughts, my feelings, my words, my actions, my relationship everything looking at Baba and being with Baba. That is why I like brother Ken's practice of keeping Baba in between me and other souls all the time is something very important.

Om Shanti !

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