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Royal Character of Belonging to the Deity Clan # 24

Creating_Heaven_Inside_Ourselves_24 Mohini_Didi June 24th, 2022

Om Shanti

Happy Mama’s day. We feel we belong to a divine family, a divine clan. The first time I saw about 8 of dadi’s, it was 1956 or 1957, or maybe before that. In 1951 they had just come to Mount Abu after their tapasya and renunciation and were visiting my grandparents home. When I looked at them, I noticed Chandramani Dadi was tall but Didi Manmohini and the others were about 5 feet tall. They were all in their cotton white saris. There was so much attraction, I said they were so pure and divine and just looking at them gave me such a beautiful experience of belonging. I know that I loved them and when it comes to transformation I said I like their life, but not now. Whenever I am 40-50, because in those days, we always thought you become spiritual after a certain age, but of course it came earlier. What I am saying is that those who belong to the deity clan, as soon as they meet the family, there is such a feeling of belonging. I knew Baba later, stories of Baba and Shiv Baba even after that, but there was such a feeling of belonging, this is my family. We started doing everything for them, whatever they need, Baba needs, or Madhuban needs. We never thought, we don’t know them, they are strangers. I think each one of you, as soon as you met the family you felt a sense of belonging. They also make you belong because of their love. I still remember that All-Rounder Dadi in Pandav Bhavan would be sitting in a little corridor outside as if she’s waiting for us, she would say very sweetly, “Oh you have come? Yes, come, come.” Not only that, but then her room was very small, but her closets were full of lots of gifts, lots of toli, and she would take me in and say, “Oh I have special toli for you, and I know you like these flowers. I have got this bedspread for you with these flowers”, I wondered how she knew, why did she have to give?

A lot of people say why do you have to give us so much? Nowhere else has this giving, everywhere else, you have to donate. Not in this family, we call it a divine family. There was a time when we always said, dear divine brother, divine sister, now we don’t say much. We always talk to each other as divine brothers and sisters. That royalty and connection within the family was very natural and is still natural. Many of us think about our closeness to lokik family and closeness to divine family. Of course, we have love for lokik family also, but there is a very natural feeling of sitting together, talking, and eating together. In lokik what do we talk about? For a while we will talk and then we will have nothing to say.

I remember Baba’s home, Baba’s family, everything is divine, pure. We have that royalty also. The way we serve, we wear our clothes, the way we talk to each other. I know from the last retreat somewhere, someone said yeah it’s in Madhuban. One of the guru’s said, “I can’t forget when I leave the cheerful, happy faces of all those who are serving us.” He said there was never an announcement to be quiet or to have love for each other. It seems like BapDada, Dadis all are, all around in their subtle form and creating this love and unity in the family.

So our homework for tomorrow is through our drishti, sharing the divinity, looking at everyone also as a divine being. The other person should feel I am respected as a worship worthy soul. Mama's speciality was that she always remembered her awareness, as today’s blessing, that she was a worship worthy soul. So that’s how she became Saraswathi to Lakhsmi, but in between she was Durga too. All Goddesses, but especially Durga. Our homework is belonging to the divine clan.

Om shanti.

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