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Remain stable in your flying stage #21

Embodiment_ of_ Success _21 Mohini Didi October 21, 2023

Om Shanti!

Everyone is okay, well, staying strong, very determined, so that everything becomes easy. Baba wants us to be in the flying stage. So, what is the flying stage? The flying stage is when there are situations, circumstances, and you go above them, just fly over. If you go into why this happened, who did it, this shouldn't have happened, then you get stuck there. So, Baba is giving us a lot of signals. Remain stable in your flying stage. It's not that you fly, then you come down, but constantly maintain the flying stage. Baba is talking about the closeness of time, the end of the Iron Age and beginning of Golden Age, the end of Confluence age, so close towards that big transition, where the Kalpa has to change. At that time, there are a few things that will happen. Baba is saying because of the closeness of time, suddenly we notice very heavy dark clouds emerge, so we know it's going to be very heavy rain. Large rain these days would cause some damage, could cause some flooding, which is very common. So, Baba is saying that new situations are like dark clouds. So whenever a new situation comes, just think of dark clouds. Sanskars and karmic accounts will come out, but no matter how the dark clouds come, you just remain stable in your flying stage. When the thick and dark clouds disperse, with the power of determination, you will become successful. All that happens if I maintain a stable in the flying stage. So, we study more and churn on the flying stage, then remain in that state, then Baba is saying that everything will be alright.

With the power of determination, you will become successful, simply remember a slogan; ‘I have to use everything in a worthwhile way and achieve success’. So, that means, with sanskars and situations, all these clouds appear, and I could waste my time. I could worry about them. If I worry in my thoughts, the power of thought is gone and my time is wasted. So whatever is happening externally, internally remain very stable, very calm, in Baba’s remembrance, hold Baba’s hand. So, you are using thought and time in a worthwhile way, and that is your success. Whether you call it ‘Maya’ or ‘the time’, all this will happen externally. So, from now on, practice staying in the flying stage. The aim internally is to use everything in a worthwhile way because I've created such an accumulation account. In the end, if I waste a lot, all that will reduce, right? So, I have to make sure that everything I use is in a worthwhile way and not get affected, not get involved, but just keep your intellect stable. Have the flying stage so that everything you have in the end can be used in a worthwhile way.

Om Shanti


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