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Remain In The One Relationship That Constantly Gives You Happiness #8

Become_an_Ayakt_Angel_8 Mohini_Didi April 8, 2023

Om Shanti!

All are doing well, I hope. That’s good, very good. Every day, Baba mentions that He wants us to experience points in Avyakt Murli. For example, Baba was talking about having all relationships with Baba, not only Father, Teacher, and Satguru, but all the relationships. Baba is also saying that in every relationship, you get entertained in a different way. When you are with the Father, Teacher, or Friend, every relationship brings different kinds of conversation, different kinds of discussion, different entertainment. We are occupied through intellect and mind both. My body is a body of light. With our purity, with our connection with nature, the body becomes a body of light. Actually, each one of us has a body of light. It depends how much light and how much strength there is. Yesterday, I was thinking about what kind of efforts, what kind of actions Brahma Baba must have done, that his body was so well until the last day. Not only in good health, but looks very good, and feels very good. We never saw the wrinkles of the age, he was very cheerful but had a beautiful child-like face. So what Baba is saying is that when the body is of light, there won’t be any pain, and there won’t be any feelings or a kind of torture of sickness or drama. Brahma Baba also settled his karmic accounts. Now a lot of mental, intellectual, and physical pain are connected with our old sanskars. If you have sanskar of ego or self low self-esteem or whatever, that sanskar brings that pain. Very subtly in your awareness, the thoughts are from the influence of those sanskars, and those sanskars bring some karmic account. Karmic account means some kind of hurt and pain and sorrow.

So, Baba is saying that if there is a body of light, there will not be the old nature or old sanskars, the mind will not be wandering. Some souls, their mind really wanders. That means you are sitting somewhere, and thinking about something else. To be totally present wherever I am, Baba calls it concentration. That means, when you are becoming angelic, one of the main qualities of the mind will be stability and consistency, it will not be wandering. We should look at our mind, where it goes, how far it goes, and why it goes. The intellect also won’t have the habit of running back-and-forth. It should not have done that. I should not have spoken like this, just keep going on. To stay in silence, to use a full stop, to churn knowledge, all that is very important. For the mind and intellect, look at the chart, is it moving forward, or is it going forward and backward? That means you won’t catch up with the speed if you are backwards. If you want to move forward, you have to think in one direction. So, it's very interesting, Baba is saying to experience the body of light. As much as the body is changing to the body of light, you will see these qualities. The mind and intellect are not wandering, have more concentration. If they have karmic accounts in relationships, they will cause sorrow, peacelessness. You have to see if there is any relationship in which sorrow causes unhappiness or disturbs the mind. In many relationships, we are tied in the ropes of attachment, sometimes we are not aware, because duty and attachment get very mixed. I feel that it is my duty to take care, my duty to do it. So we have to be careful.

When you are in an angelic stage, you will not be suffering, because your relationships are selfless, of pure love, and no attachment. You will have a beautiful habit to always be in happy relationships. Baba says to look at your relationships. When your bodies are of light, that means whenever there is any kind of pain, any kind of hurt, remind yourself of your body of light. It's very interesting because it is like an experiment. In the body of light, nothing will hurt the body. Even if there are karmic accounts, you may get in an accident or anything, but your body does not suffer much, because it is light. I’m speaking slowly because I want to resonate in my intellect properly this concept of making the body of light and not going through any pain, any hurt, and also having relationships of peace and happiness with everyone. Of course, it’s good to have all relationships with Baba, but still we have people around us, right!? So there is a relationship of sympathy, of care, of cooperation. When we have these qualities in our relationships, then it brings peace, it brings happiness, stability of mind, concentration of intellect.

So, let us experiment today, starting early in the morning, when I read this, I immediately thought of Brahma Baba. He must have adopted a body of light, he never felt any pain, he never felt any sorrow, he was not upset. He was very kind, caring, and he helped all the time. That means the care was there. I can say these things because I saw it for so many years. So we all should think about it, make the body of light and see the difference between what we are giving and taking in relationships. What we give and what we take, sometimes we give happiness, but we take sorrow, sometimes we give sorrow. I thought that this was very useful and interesting. Do it for one hour and then for a few hours. Change to the body of light from five elements.. Anyone who has experienced this can write it or tell us. You could share how it happened, what your experience was. You are fulfilling Baba's Avyakt signals in practical life. It’s very fascinating, not only in awareness, but in practical.

Om Shanti

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