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Remain easy in everything #8

Harmonising_Sanskars_8                 Mohini_Didi                   April 8, 2024

Om Shanti!

Take it as Baba’s blessings, be easy and make everything easy. We like to make everything easy, but first we have to be easy. So what is to be easy? This whole thing of thoughts about the future, what will happen? How will it happen? Instead of that it's always happening as it happened in the last kalpa. Last kalpa, I was victorious. Last kalpa, everything was successful. Always bring very elevated and pure thoughts of the future and for the future also. It is only when I think of everything as easy, that energy will give you the experience, but also make it easy. 

What is easy? it's very deeply connected with fearlessness, “yes I can manage, I can do”. That should be easy, nothing new. Baba used to say nothing new. Whatever points emerge, make it easy. You can look at whatever the circumstances are. Nobody really knows what could happen, but just this thought that everything will be easy will definitely help. I have to be easy, that is, detached and lovely, not stuck to anything. You tried to remove things that are stuck with gum or something, you don’t feel that it is easy.  Baba is saying remain easy in everything and let the costume of your body not stick to your sanskars. When you become detached from all your old sanskars, your stage will also become detached. Therefore remain easy in everything when you yourself remain easy in everything, all tasks will also become easy and effort will also become easy. I am easy, effort will become easy, everything else I do will become easy. Everything begins with the self, even the way I see. See that this is my way of looking at things also. Internally always, see things in the way it will be done. I'm sure there will be enough help. When you look at the present, I have 8 arms and now I am thinking what will happen, there might not be anyone. If today you can have eight, you might have more right? Always think in such a way that when you start doing, everything you find is very very easy. I'm repeating it because that's what I feel and that’s what my inner voice always guides me and tells me, it's going to be very easy. Some people might say, “oh you always say that”, but we always experience it also, not only say it. Keep this in mind and make everything easy. 

Om Shanti !

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