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Recognize your own specialty #18

Elevated_Self_Respect_18 Mohini_Didi June 18, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

Happy Father's Day! Lots of love from Baba for everyone! You heard Baba opened some secrets for us, and Drama keeps going on. Scenes and circumstances continue, but your stage will be so elevated, merged in Baba’s love, that you will not feel the effect of anything. I thought that was something wonderful. Every day, Baba wants to give children some extra blessings.I especially like, which I will start doing tomorrow morning, Baba puts the tilak of self-respect on everyone's forehead. So one is to think of what self-respect I should have, one is receiving tilak from Baba, and also Baba gives us the crown of that royalty as prince-princess and makes us seated on the throne. So, today Baba is saying that when there is self-respect, then what is visible on your forehead? Baba wants elevated self-respect and also self sovereignty. When we have that elevated self-respect, Baba can see a very sparkling specialty on each one's forehead. Baba can see the specialty, and Baba is saying that that specialty will help you to serve the world. So, each one of us is a world server. Whatever quality you have, whatever specialty you have, wherever you are, serving in whatever capacity, it will serve the world. Just imagine that each one of us, if we think this way, the world will be served. Each one will serve in whatever way; the words you speak, the karma yoga you do, the awareness you have, all that will serve the world. So, Baba says that you all will serve the world, everyone is a world server. When you have this thought, we can think later about how it works. Baba said to check, “Am I loved by Baba and also by the family?” Baba likes me and also the family likes me, that's important to check. So one is that we create that self-respect, but then what Baba is saying is that we watch it during the day. In that self-respect, what did I experience? What did I receive? So, Baba said you will be able to see your specialty, you will have the thought “I am world server”, your specialty will help you to serve the world, and you are loved by Baba and the family. So maintain such elevated self-respect.

Om Shanti

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