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Purity - The power of transformation #5

The_Greatness_of_Purity_5 Mohini_Didi August 5, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

We are thinking, reflecting, talking about purity and the power of transformation. There are external situations, sankars of the souls and different forms of Maya. If there is something difficult, you use the power of purity. Any thought that comes based on the circumstances, the power of purity can change and should change it. If you or any person is disappointed because of anything, use the power of purity to create hope. If someone is becoming doubtful, use the power of purity to change it to faith. It's really a big power. I can use the power of purity the whole day, first at the level of thoughts so as not to get influenced by any thought. Baba says, scenes of drama will always be there. My response to every situation should come from the power of purity. Sometimes people say it’s not going to happen so you use power of purity and it will happen, it must happen. The first transformation is any type of thought which is not elevated, not positive. Maya also comes in this way. The whole day I’m using the power of purity to bring self transformation. I can just feel it, that I am using the power of purity every moment to maintain enthusiasm, hope, faith, love for everyone and commitment. Purity is a big power, but maybe we are not using it. Tomorrow pay attention and we will use the power of purity the whole day. Naturally by using the power of purity self transformation can happen. Self transformation begins with one’s thoughts, and thoughts as response to all the situations. Baba’s saying it should feel as if it were a scene of entertainment, whether a person or even nature.

We enjoy nature very much, but do we serve nature? A few souls said they enjoyed the air, trees and flowers, all so beautiful. Do we serve them through our vibrations? They say when you are watering the plant, do it with love. That’s what I am giving in return to that plant because that is decoration, it’s beautiful. My love for that plant is so much connected with when Baba says whatever you do, do it in my remembrance. Appreciate everything that you are using. Everything that we have, I appreciate. I am creating a relationship. Baba said action, relationship, and sankars, because these feelings I'm receiving. Not all the time I am giving or I am doing, I’m receiving. Definitely from there love emerges for everything.

I remember we always used to do everything with concentration. When you love to do something there is concentration. Concentration could be very hard on intellect, but when there is love, there is concentration. It’s very different because there is a lot of joy, experience of happiness while doing it. It’s not forceful. Creating this relationship even with your action, do everything small, big, but with a lot of love. I find that love also is like this relationship. Whatever people are, their nature, or relationships, they all are souls. There should be natural love for every soul. When there is love you will be cooperative, there is friendship, you share company. When I met Brahma Baba he was 83 years old and I was 15 or 16. Baba engaged in communication so much. I was not looking at the age but a spiritual, elevated soul is communicating with me in a very simple way. He didn’t make me feel like a follower, like the guru’s do. It was respect, you are my child so you are like me. That’s what Baba keeps saying you have to become like me, we have to feel that. I couldn’t believe that’s the way it could be. Baba was communicating with the eternal relationship he had with me. Entire cycle we were together. Baba says we were lost and now found. We are “Sikhilade”. That belonging, knowing each other for a long time doesn’t feel the same, but no one is new. We all have played parts in many births together. Then the love in the relationship is so natural. The qualities in the relationship are of love, kindness and sharing.

Baba also said that when there’s remembrance you are very light and happy because you are burning the sins of the past. So many times it’s asked: how sins are burned? What sin is creating, is it sinful action, sinful thought, or subtle feeling of doing something which is negative or wrong? This is what sins are doing. They activate in yoga the negative traits. When I am in accurate remembrance of Baba that change is happening in me, from tamo you become sato. It’s that deep remembrance in which there is love, knowledge, and relationship. In that accurate remembrance sins are being burned. That means you don’t get back that thought. If you have a thought because of some strong feelings, as soon as you are in remembrance your feelings will change, you will just have love for that soul. Then you become very supportive, very cooperative. Remembrance is burning or bringing that transformation in my feelings and thoughts. It’s called fire because it’s so intense. The feelings are so intense of love, forgiveness, because I want to be light and happy. Baba said that’s only possible when your burden of sins is being removed. Every day I remind myself it's the confluence age. It's for joy, happiness, doing elevated actions, and service which brings a lot of joy.

I don't think we will again get all this beautiful time, where everyone is our family. Wherever we are, we are brothers and sisters. Sometimes I think we didn’t know each other and we lived together for so many years. Even in the lokik family they don’t stay that long, everyone goes in different directions because of jobs or new relationships. Here we are together for so long. Transformation is what is happening through remembrance, through power of purity. Look at the power of purity in you and create that link again of true love with everyone, with Baba, and also with your own self. Use the power of purity for transformation.

Om Shanti

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