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Purity - The mother of peace and happiness #4

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

The_Greatness_of_Purity_4 Mohini_Didi August 4, 2022

Om Shanti!

Happy Satguruvaar to everyone! How many of you have started writing a chart? Some are still thinking about what to write in the chart. So, Baba says that if you are obedient, you will write a chart. Like for tomorrow, we have to look at purity. Purity is the mother of peace and happiness. So, the chart could be that by evening, to see how consistent I was in the experience of happiness and peace. Baba also mentioned coolness. So, pay attention all day and see if you can give yourself the certificate of contentment. Some say, “Should I give a percentage?” If you want you can give a percentage, otherwise you can write a journal about how you began and then how internally you were very much aware that there shouldn't be any wasteful thoughts. There shouldn't be any thoughts about others or useless thoughts. Even though we have to do actions, how much was our mind only in action? Concentration is important, but with concentration we can also have awareness of soul consciousness, Baba's remembrance. So, it's like the quality of efforts we have to see.

So, contentment of the self will be that way. Now we find that it depends, some have very subtle thoughts. It could be getting upset about something, getting disturbed about something, or noticing someone's weakness, noticing someone's sanskars. I think it doesn't happen much because everyone has been very busy. Their intellect is making good quality efforts, especially in this month of August. I experienced so much presence of not only Brahma Baba but also Prakashmani Dadi to be very natural. She was so loveful because of the purity. That love, peace, coolness is all coming from purity. When there are pure thoughts, you are very peaceful, you are naturally very sweet, very loveful. If sometimes you don't find you are sweet, definitely there's something wrong with the purity. So, it's a very good month to look at what purity is bringing in us and if we are losing that, and some kind of impurity comes, which is also very subtle. Can we give this certificate to ourselves? Many of you are ready for that. The important thing is the vibrations that you spread. Your presence will bring joy to others. Your presence will make everything peaceful. Whatever energy people have, they will become very calm and cool. One contentment we all have is when we are able to serve others. We always have to remind ourselves that as much I serve myself, then very naturally, automatically, others are served. This could be the other way round. If you have tension, even a little bit, you can see everyone is in that energy. We can see the influence of negative, but there is also the influence of positive. A lot of souls can be healed. If they haven't experienced peace for a long time, they haven't experienced inner joy for a long time, then in your presence, they will experience feeling liberated from the past, and from negativity.

So, for the contentment of others, we look at Baba. I always ask Baba what Baba does. Baba doesn't answer. He smiles, but His smile also brings contentment to us. When we talk to Baba, His drishti always gives us more courage and enthusiasm. So, I don't think Baba ever shows that he is not happy with us because he wants us to remain encouraged and full of hope. I remember one time someone made a mistake and said to me, “Let's go and sit in Baba's room, let's see what Baba has to tell me.” So, we went and sat. She was a kind of IT person. When we went into Baba's room, we sat for 10 minutes and Baba was just smiling at us. So, she said, “ I thought He would show a little stern eye, or he would not be happy.” I said, “Baba would never do that, and that's a good example for us also.” If someone is not able to do something, what do we do? We point out, we scold that soul, or we just turn away our face. No. What Baba did to us was to give such smiling drishti that the soul forgets the past and takes another step towards doing something good. It's very beautiful when I remember that scene. I keep reminding myself, especially when someone makes a mistake, what you do so that it helps the soul not to repeat it and the soul has more courage to continue. I remember when we were young Brahmins and we made any mistake, I don't think I am worthy. Didi Monmohini would say, “But that's your part. You have to do it.” So, what all seniors do is encourage us because we all have to continue to progress, we all have to reach our destination, we all have to be together to serve the world. It’s not one soul or ten souls, we all have to do it together. So, this way, looking at Baba and learning how to help souls so that they can continue without feeling bad about anything, or guilty about anything, because that's not part of Brahmin life. Realization, transformation and then move forward. So, it's good to keep a chart, then you will know if there is something subtle. I like when Baba said that the tail is still there sometimes. So, I was telling Baba that the tail has changed now to ‘most of the time’, not ‘sometimes’. It's okay, we don't use words sometimes, but Baba wants us to be consistent, natural, and that will happen with purity. Prakashmani Dadi had to make no effort to be smiling, loving, because of her purity. It was very natural. She was very much a pure soul, which we all are, and if we pay attention, definitely we will experience complete contentment.

Om Shanti

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