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Purity - The Awareness of "Manmanabhav" #15

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

The_Greatness_of_Purity_15 Mohini_Didi. August 15, 2022

Om Shanti everyone!

It’s Baba's blessings that each one of you are present every evening. Your determination must have increased a lot. When we do something consistently, our determination increases. Some might say it’s the determination which makes me do that, but I feel if we just make effort for anything we’re doing, we will be consistent. There could always be reasons to miss, but I see many of you are still listening. Congratulations for being present every evening. That helps me, because then I have to be present. Some of you write your experience that because I am present, it inspires you to be present. So in both ways, no?

Today Baba said “I love you and you love me” and when there is love, we celebrate a meeting. That also is the point of reflection on ‘the Greatness of Purity’. When the mind is pure, there is a very sweet, natural remembrance of Baba, very sweet. It's not that you are trying to concentrate or stabilize your mind. Baba is the One who is very lovely, very sweet. Mind is celebrating the meeting with Baba and when that is happening, naturally there is attention that I should not have any waste or impure thought because this connection with Baba - the stage of ‘Manmanabhav’, gets broken when there is any impure thought. When there are pure thoughts, elevated thoughts, the vibrations are beautiful.

Two types of fragrance: one we can say it’s from the body but the fragrance of virtues is very beautiful. Whether it's sweetness, humility, altruistic love, all these qualities have fragrance. Then we are able to serve and it’s selfless service. Baba says that whatever you do, you will get the reward. Every good action will bring power, will bring some reward, but you don't expect it. It's not that you do it with that desire. When we came to Baba, we just started serving. We just had enthusiasm to give Baba’s message to everyone. I know Baba used to give examples whether it is out of love or someone you are connected with, you like that person, so wherever you sit, you will start talking about that person. Same is for Baba. The introduction of Baba comes from the heart. We got the introduction, we got connected, we have attainments so we just share all that in a natural way. Any kind of service for Yagya, Baba says that you won't do it as a duty but you will have feelings to serve, your nature is to serve. I see most of the majority of our children always like to do something. Sometimes service of thought, service through words, service through actions. There might be a few who are not very willing or enthusiastic but the majority are. All that is connected with purity. I should be ready, then Baba can use me for service. Generally, we say if I have to do something, I have to prepare myself. Let's say suddenly you are in front of a television crew and they ask you certain questions, will you be hesitant or you are ready to answer? Sometimes you say if I knew questions beforehand, maybe I could have replied differently. Baba says when there is honesty, cleanliness, whatever emerges in your heart, you will say and naturally it has really a big impact.

The level of purity is mostly purity of thoughts. When we look at our chart, we can't say we have impure thoughts, but sometimes thoughts are not very elevated or there is a lack of enthusiasm. By being Manmanabhav, I just sit with Baba, even for a few moments. When I say sit with Baba, it doesn't mean I go in Baba's room. Wherever I am, I'm in Manmanabhav. When we are in Manmanabhav, the power which we get, it's like you are recharged. Then become very active but otherwise, there is the possibility of a lack of enthusiasm, a lack of taking initiative. We will cooperate and support, but to become an instrument so that Baba can use me, I have to see if I can offer something. I can offer some of my experiences, some techniques for transformation or some of the methods to serve lokik friends and family. Anything we have in our practical, day-to-day life, Baba can use it and use us as an instrument. I had been saying that it's not just my desire, Baba wants us to serve. If Baba wants us to serve, then we have to be ready, we have to be available. One of the important things is to say ‘yes’ to Baba. There will always be something which could be the reason not to do it. A lot of blessings come when you do it, even if it's a little extra sacrifice somewhere. One is renunciation, another is sacrifice. We all renounce but then further step is sacrifice and when you sacrifice, there are a lot of blessings and power. Instantly there will be some reward for that sacrifice.

This month is Dadi’s month. Dadi Prakashmani was a very good example of remaining natural but loveful, joyful, and always enthusiastic. Dadi didn't only talk about knowledge but kept everyone very happy. That doesn't mean that she didn't have yoga or churning of knowledge, she had everything, but very natural.

Confluence age is the age of supersensuous joy. When we are pure, we are peaceful, we are happy, we have power and enthusiasm. Everything comes from purity. Purity is Manmanabhav and purity is service.

Om Shanti

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