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Purity-Highest and holiest #18

The_Greatness_of_Purity_18 Mohini_Didi August 18, 2022

Om Shanti!

Happy Satguruvaar and Happy Janamashtami to everyone! Are you all happy? Is everyone happy? On the day of Satguru, we receive a lot of blessings. Blessings are something that are very incognito, very invisible. At the right time, you will feel that ‘I have this blessing.’ So, we are keeping this awareness that Baba has given me all the blessings. To be a victorious soul, be a successful soul. Baba said today, “Those are your hands, I don’t have hands, I work through your hands, double force.” Baba said, “Zeal, enthusiasm and tirelessness.” I watch some souls who have this quality, they keep doing, and they never show signs of being tired. Otherwise things go longer in detail, then little signs of tiredness come. Tiredness is really coming from a subtle lack of enthusiasm. I have seen souls doing things for hours and they don’t show signs of tiredness. These are very good qualities, zeal, enthusiasm, and tirelessness. As Baba says, “You are one, and One other joins you, so it's like double force. Even just to think about this, there is so much intoxication of becoming double crowned. Many times they do ceremonies in Madhuban where they put a crown, but this is Baba talking about a double crown. This crown of light is really very beautiful.

So, today, we have faith in Baba, and Baba is saying to the children, “You are the holiest and highest.” Purity is very common, Baba is saying, but the purity of awareness is there only when Baba gives us knowledge about souls, God, our relationship as souls, and based on that, awareness is created. We also notice from that awareness, there is an attitude of love, brotherhood. Our drishti is benevolent towards everyone, our actions are with love, kindness, and care. These days, I notice that so many programs and projects have been launched in India, whether it is tree planting, or celebrating Independence Day. Recently, they were doing a very big program for farmers, and a very beautiful song was sung about what farmers do for us. I don’t think anyone has thought about serving farmers except Baba’s children. Not only yogic vegetation, yogic agriculture, but how to serve farmers, so that when they are doing whatever work they are doing, there will be different vibrations. So, not only do we have blessings, but we are bestowers with very generous hearts. We want to share everything with everyone, which is not common these days. These days everyone thinks, “I just have enough for me.” We are Baba’s children. Baba provides, and we generously share with everyone. So, think about awareness, attitude, and drishti. Every act we do is a holy act because there is no expectation. It’s just Baba’s love. So naturally, it’s a holy act. So, tomorrow our practice, attention, homework, is to look at our awareness, attitude, drishti and based on that, be a karma yogi.

Om Shanti


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