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Pure and sweet soul #9

Sweetness_and_Love_9        Mohini_Didi              February 9, 2024

Om Shanti!

Everyone is very well, because everyone is practicing to be very sweet. Definitely the vibrations of our practice help mind, body, relationships, everything. Whatever is the nature of anyone, if I am sweet, humble, there is no conflict. You can only clap with two hands, not with one hand. Even these days they say clap with one hand and we raise one hand. The sound of the clap is with two hands. If you are sweet, you don’t argue. If you are sweet, you don't try to prove anything, you just speak what is truthful and you know that will be acceptable. 

Whole story is about transformation. Think about if I was not in knowledge what would have happened or what was my life before coming to knowledge? It's a beautiful question of God's mercy on us that He gives us knowledge because knowledge is understanding, we call it samajh. We start living life based on understanding, not ignorance or based on habits, but we create awareness. One is living with awareness, the other is habits. When there is awareness you have power to discern, what should I think or what I should do, what should I eat. For everything there is power to discern when we think of transformation in our personal life. 

Somebody asked me recently what was my experience when I first met Brahma Baba? Of course, it was his drishti, his welcoming attitude, everything that he was doing had some kind of quality in it, didn't look ordinary, even though they were ordinary actions. Baba’s drishti, Baba’s words were very, very touching. We didn't feel that I was so touched, but I haven’t changed. When I think of 65 years ago when I met Brahma Baba and then I changed. It was hard, but now when I think about it, how could I do all that? Change of food, change of clothes, change of lifestyle, everything completely different. Somewhere the soul was touched and ready for transformation. It was quite big and now I say it must have been hard. We enjoyed it, even though there was no space to sleep properly, even food was different, but acceptance was there. 

Our homework for tomorrow is that, Baba’s two words, pure and sweet soul. Sweetness, when inculcated, is so special that it makes a bitter land sweet. You also were transformed with just two sweet words from the Father. Sweet children, you are a pure and sweet soul. Just these few sweet words and sweet drishti transformed your lives. So imbibe such sweetness and make others also sweet. We have to see that the way we speak and through our drishti the transformation happens also in others. So let us share that drishti of sweetness. 

Om Shanti

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