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Promise Filled With The Force Of Will Power #9

Determined_Thought_9 Mohini Didi February 9, 2023

Om Shanti!

Baba wants us all to become that image that grants visions to everyone. For that, what do we have to do to emerge our image, our perfect form? What is that image of perfect form? We can think that I am an angel, we are double light, but also, alokik, spiritual. Our walking, talking, wearing clothes, everything is alokik, spiritual. We look different. Brahma Baba used to spend a lot of time in winter in Bombay because it used to be very cool. Also, all medicals we used to do for Baba in Bombay, so he used to stay. We would rent the apartment, because in Bombay there are flats, they don't really have houses in proper Bombay. In the suburbs, yes, they have big houses. So, Baba was walking. He used to go for walks. Baba always loved to walk. So, we would look at Ramesh Bhai and think what are the hours when there is less crowd on the waterfront or on the oceanfront? Then we decided maybe seven in the morning, but that's again the Murli time or afternoon. So, Baba’s children would take Baba for a walk. When people were passing by, many people passed and then they would stop and look back. They wanted to see, who is this man? Baba was tall. Baba was erect, had self-respect. His face used to be sparkling and very cheerful, and of course, a very beautiful twinkle and a sparkle in the eyes. So, if anyone would look at Baba, it's not giving drishti, but they are looking at Baba, so Baba smiles. I still remember a few instances like that. So, he was unique personality and it's not a question of his face or his body, but it was that spirituality, that personality of purity, where there is light and there is power. So, light is sparkling, and power is of stability, of cheerfulness, of love, brotherly love, soul-conscious love. So, then that was like his stage of perfection.

So, we are given the practice for tomorrow, that we all should be keeping in mind and emerging our form of being double light, being cheerful, with the sparkle of purity. Normally, if you look at people either they have covered their face with a lot of makeup, or they are always talking about their situations and their problems. What are the main conversations? We have a beautiful dinner in front of us and then we keep saying, “Oh potatoes are very expensive, vegetables are very expensive, things are getting very expensive.” So, what are you eating, the food or worry? We should realize that our conversation, whatever we are having, is going with the food into our body with the thoughts. That is why Baba always says to remember Me while eating, and the food with remembrance in the body, will do magic. Whatever we eat, the energy which will be created from that, because of our love for Baba and remembrance of Baba. If I am talking about concerns and situations while eating, what I am giving to the mind is not healthy. That is why, always have either silence or remembrance of Baba. If you have really to talk about something then it should be something very good, very successful so that that energy goes in the mind and the body, through the mind to the body with the food. I realize that it is so important for us to pay attention to this. Now when we are asked to, or we are reminded, or we remind ourselves that I have to be in my image of perfection, I have to grant visions, then we say, “Okay, I will try.” This is the month where we don't use the word ‘try', but ‘I promise’. Let us see what is the difference when we practice between, "I am trying”, and “Yes, I will do it, I will definitely practice.” That's called a determined thought, and that's also called a promise.

So, I think that this is very practical. We have to do it through creating that awareness, keeping a determined thought and or promise that I will emerge, I will create this stage of perfection, and again we are revealing Baba. It is like when Brahma Baba walked, however Brahma Baba talked, how he interacted with others, everything will emerge. So, it's not only when I sit that others have a vision of me but also while walking, interacting with others, doing things, talking, that is also very important, just keep Brahma Baba in front of you. His eyes, his facial expression, some of you might say, well we haven’t seen corporeal Brahma, but when you go into Baba's room, what do you feel? As if he is talking to you. He is responding to you. He is supporting you. He is giving you strength. Many good experiences come when we sit in front of Baba. That means he is very much alive. Just looking at Baba's eyes even now we get merged into love, as if there is a lot of attraction there. The stage of perfection will have attraction, but Baba also remained very detached. In the beginning, when some of the Dadis used to have visions, they would also see Shri Krishna’s form in Baba and they would run after Baba. There was a time when they had to keep them a little bit far away, because they would just want to be after Baba, hug Baba. So, that means there are many who could also have our vision of the deity form. So, our perfect form could be of an angel, of a deity, but what grants visions basically is light and might. What it grants is God's love. People feel God's love from there. Looking in that form there won't be anything from inside what we call Maya as illusion or deception, we will not be defeated There won't be any other attraction, because there is power, God's love, I am merged in God's love.

So, tomorrow we will make attempts or promise to do this at least a few times, emerging our image of perfection, creating that awareness that will reflect on our face. Internally, what will be my feelings? One is the external expression, but what will be my feelings at that time? We would want to experience that closeness to Baba, blissful stage. It's just like you are about to complete your course, you are doing a master's degree in law, and you have just passed your exams, what kind of joy is there? Those who have gone for studies know that towards the end when you have given a lot of exams and are about to finish, what you feel inside. Whatever you have achieved through four years, eight years, medical is eight, even physically you could be stressed, a lot of work, but internally, the feelings are very great. There must be beautiful feelings that you all can emerge and see. It might not be education, any task you have started and you're about to complete, same is for your own self, we are on a spiritual journey about to complete after so many years. Now through our promise, not only evidently our own image of perfection to grant visions, but also through the drishti, by giving, granting visions. Then others are also inspired that they should also create that stage.

Om Shanti


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