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Promise Filled with the Force of Will Power #11

Determined_Thought_11 Mohini_Didi February 11, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

Welcome, all of you to Shantivan, from Avyakti parivar. I am in Shantivan now. Yesterday we had a flag hosting in Pandav Bhavan. It was beautiful. Then we went to the Museum, which most of you have seen. We had a flag hosting there, and also lovely Brahma bhojan. Today we have flag hosting in Gyan Sarovar, and after that we will go to Global hospital of Gyan Sarovar. Shiv Jayanti celebrations have actually started here and after about three years, I think we will be 800 double foreigners. About 450 are those who are coming for the NCC meeting, but others are also in Gyan Sarovar. So it's quite a big group after a long time and of course, everyone here is happy to see all of us. Within two days, three days before Baba comes, there will be quite a big crowd, but for now, there are not many people, which is very good. Tonight I am meeting all the double foreigners from different countries. We have been seeing each other, but we have not personally met for a long time. So, everyone is excited. Baba is saying that whenever you have a determined thought, then there is also will power. Will power really means that deeply within, now you will do what you want to do. We are practicing for 5 minutes, two minutes, maybe half an hour, but how do we remain naturally in that stage? Baba gave that example that some of the sanskars we have adopted are not our sanskars, we have acquired them. It could be choice, could be circumstances, because we always have a choice of what we adopt and what we don't, but somewhere we just take it. Baba is saying that there is a really easy way to know; is this sanskar my nature or is it what I should be? I always compare it to my eternal and original sanskars. We have all the qualities of the soul in my eternal sanskars; love, peace, knowledge, happiness, bliss. Whether I am thinking, or speaking, or doing actions, those qualities should be present. When there is love, there should be peace, there should be harmony, there should be respect. These original ones then become the eternal ones, then become the original ones. Original means that this is how I will land in the Golden Age, very naturally using all the qualities of the soul in the form of divine virtues.

At Confluence age, we are experiencing God's love. Then we are just taking God's love, which is very powerful but also detached. Our interactions are full of love. So in the Golden Age, that is how they show the deities, they were all divine, they were all pure, they were all very loving. So, now is the time to look into using more and more of my eternal sanskars, because they will then become original sanskars. At confluence age, our sanskars get recorded, so they should be based on my eternal sanskars. That's the practice of soul consciousness. If I keep saying I'm a soul, I'm a soul, this one is a soul, but what is soul? The soul is truth, love, peace, and knowledge. As much as we do that, that eternal sanskar will emerge, that will become our stage, our personality. Once there is something in the sanskars, it keeps coming, often emerging. We look at each other's interaction and behavior, the way we talk to each other, they all are emerging from sanskars. As I become aware of my eternal qualities, then eternal sanskars will keep emerging. I will cultivate, they become sanskars, and then sanskars emerge.

So, we have to look at what is the percentage of my eternal sankars. The soul eternally has contentment, happiness, very naturally, very peaceful. That is the joy and happiness of the Confluence age, to enjoy my eternal self. When we go home, to the sweet home, incorporeal world, I am supposed to be in the incorporeal stage. We won't be aware in the incorporeal world, we won't really say, “Oh I am enjoying my eternal stage.” This stage also makes you feel very close to Baba. It is a kind of Bapsaman stage. Actually, that is very short fruit, because when you are aware of that, and emerge those qualities, you are in the incorporeal stage, bodiless, your perfect stage. So, look at the percentage of my eternal stage. That makes you feel that you are ready for the Golden Age. What status will I get in the Golden Age? All this has to be enjoyed at the Confluence age. You should not expect that in the Golden Age, all the sanskars will emerge, because they have to emerge right here and now. There is this thought that these are the sanskars I should have. So, in a very natural way, my will power increases where I will be able to do it, not only know it, think about it, but use it in practical life. I have experienced that. In a very natural way, that love brings many qualities, peace brings many other powers and qualities. When there is will power, whatever has to be done in a practical manner, is very natural. I think why should we not decide to spend the rest of the Confluence age, not very long, with the stage blissful and peaceful? Eternal stage, and then we are ready for the Golden Age, because then, it will really be a beautiful experience.

Now if you still feel that your old sanskars, weak sanskars, are emerging again, when they are emerging, you start practicing your eternal stage. This will help other souls with whom you are in relationship to also experience and that is a big service. If we have five or six, and everyone uses their eternal stage, what kind of atmosphere, feelings will we all have for each other? No tension and nothing is forced. This is the time we have to give, this is the time we have to interact with the eternal. Otherwise it is just theory. I know I have knowledge, I can give knowledge, but where is the practical life? So, that's why today Baba is saying that it is very important to remove the weak sanskars. Our capacities, health of the body, health of the mind, everything will improve, if we create an atmosphere of eternal qualities of peace, love, and respect. All the powers will work in a natural way. I've been thinking that we are at a pilgrimage place. Why do we come to pilgrimages? These are sacred places where we get a lot of help. We have to give a lot of help to others, to experience the stage where they feel that they receive a lot. You might say, but it's up to them what they receive, no. It's part of our duty and service to make everyone feel they're about to reach their destination. We are ready to go to the Golden Age. What will be our relationships? Whatever we are doing, we are doing in that eternal stage. So, that's where our sanskars will change, our will power will increase, and whatever we know, we will be able to do in a practical way. So, we will be practicing this and see how beautiful, powerful, the atmosphere will be, which will be nurturing all of us on a regular basis.

Om Shanti

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