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Present in Every Shrimat #25

Honest_Heart_25 Mohini_Didi December 25, 2022

Bhog Message

Om Shanti everyone! Merry Christmas! I went to offer Bhog to Baba. With a lot of love, Baba accepted Bhog and Baba was giving me drishti. Baba said that He wants the children to keep their mind and intellect clear to see everything clearly. Baba said that the intellect is with Shiv Baba but every step is with Brahma Baba. I was looking at Him and then Baba said that because you have to follow Baba, you cannot follow any other soul. If you want to be perfect and you want to be clear, to know what I should do, then you have to look at Brahma Baba. Until the last moment, he gave night class. Baba didn’t tell us that he is becoming Avyakt or that he won’t be in this form, or he will be in the angelic form. He wanted to have a one hour class before he met the family, met the children, and gave directions. Then he gave everything to Dadi Prakashmani, hand in hand. He was becoming very withdrawn, I myself saw, he was talking less, more and more introverted until the end. He kept doing what he was supposed to do as Baba’s main instrument. There were certain things to be decided. For example, he told Rameshbhai to sign papers for the museum, that place has to be rented or bought. So he did everything but he was also getting very detached, he was very lovely, very detached until the end. He was an instrument responsible for whatever Baba wanted him to do.

Baba said that every time according to our needs or feelings, we do certain things, but are they according to Baba’s directions? Baba said to just follow Brahma Baba, and you will go in the right direction. You don’t have to follow anyone or the dictates of your own mind, but look at Brahma Baba. Then Baba said that each one of you had been travelling spiritually for such a long time. The Christmas gift for you and everyone from Baba is to reach your incorporeal stage or angelic stage, and third of course, is that we are karma yogis. I was very happy when Baba said all these things, because sometimes it just happens that I’m not clear about what I have to do. Baba said to just follow Brahma Baba and you will be guided at every step. Baba didn’t say Merry Christmas! Baba said, “Children, always be happy and light and keep following Santa Claus or Brahma Baba, and you will be guided properly. Then of course with lots of love, Baba gave remembrances for each one of you.

Om Shanti

Om Shanti Everyone!

Again Merry Christmas! And also lots of love to little angels, Merry Christmas! Baba gives us beautiful gifts every day. This morning I offered Bhog, again I am going to Baba. I really felt Baba gave a beautiful gift of how to follow Shrimat, how to be present. Baba also will then be present and for that our Brahma Baba, who is also Santa Claus for us, is the right example. Baba took me very close to our angelic stage. We are always trying to find a balance, so sometimes we are very much pulled inside and sometimes we are duty conscious. What is my responsibility, what do I have to do? Looking at Brahma Baba helps us to create that right balance where he was becoming Avyakt, introverted, angelic, but also he was very present for the Yagya until the end. He didn’t say goodbye as he normally does, but then he gave all directions until the end. Whatever he had to decide about the Yagya he did everything. I was thinking about Dadi Prakashmani and Rameshbhai also. His body was not well and he was in the hospital but he was a true yogi, a karma yogi, so he had created a trust and was a lawyer and accountant for Baba’s Yagya. He talked very little and I remember there was a situation in India with rupees and in the end, he said clearly what to do, how to do it, and everyone was amazed that his intellect was so clear and until the end. He had so much love for Yagya.

So like these souls, how do we reach our stage of perfection? How much they were known for their service to the Yagya and the family. There was so much love for the Yagya which is also love for Baba. Love for Baba means love for family. So, family, Yagya, and Baba. How do we balance in between? So, I thought at least for me, it was a very good experience with Baba for now, and then also when we are listening to these Avyakti signals, it’s the same. Follow Shrimat, be present, say ‘yes’ if you’re present. Baba will also say, “Yes, I am here.” I had been feeling and seeing how Karankaravanhar makes us do. I have to be just available for Baba, and Baba will make it happen. That’s what I have been experiencing. So, it’s a very beautiful Avyakti signal, we will churn more and tomorrow we will practice it. We will keep our hearts very clean and truthful.

Om Shanti

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