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Practise Over a Long Period of Time #20

Karankaravanhar_20 Mohini_Didi July 20, 2022

Om Shanti!

Everyone okay? Yes? That's good! To keep well, we need to nurture the soul and body both, right? Nurturing of the soul happens through knowledge, through good company, through good atmosphere, and also internally all the time keeping pure, truthful, elevated feelings. We do so much for the body and that is important, but equally we do for the soul at the same time. That is why, whatever we do for the body, first we remember Baba. Today, this aspect of Brahmachari is very interesting. If you use everything in a worthwhile way, you will be able to serve until the last moment. That means that if I had been wasting my time in unnecessary things, or because of the bondage, then in the end I won't be able to serve. It is the same through the body and the mind. So, reflect on that aspect which is very important, because we all want to serve until the last minute, whether just through the thoughts and words or karmayoga. For that, I should not waste anything, I should use everything in a worthwhile way. I think that's a very powerful point.

Avyakt BapDada was talking about truth, and He is saying that happiness is not only being cheerful, but your heart you should be happy from deep within, and that is something we need to observe. Sometimes happiness does reduce. I was saying that maybe there is no tension or worry, but there could be anxiety, and that's why I like this practice that we are talking about, bodiless stage. I think the soul has maximum attachment with the body. I think it is very natural for survival and sustenance, but attachment is different. Baba said that the best way is to say that this body is for Baba’s service. I keep thinking that is why Baba keeps saying bodiless. I realized that because there is so much attachment of the mind and intellect or soul with the body. Taking care of the body is very sensible. Baba used to say that to have an appropriate balance of taking care of the soul and body is very important. If anyone got physically sick, Baba would say that it must be carelessness. So, that means Baba wants to see each one of us spiritually well, physically well, and of course emotionally, socially, with loveful relationships, not getting emotionally upset about anything.

So, this bodiless stage I think will help us. There is power that we have because we are detached from the body. I am detached from many problems, worries, wasteful thinking. I am detached from the body and become an observer. We call it ‘sakshi’. These are the scenes of Drama. Then Baba gives us knowledge: Drama is fixed, many things had to happen, they happened, but if you are bodiless and a detached observer, you will remain very carefree. Anyway, whatever is happening in the Drama is happening, and if I am not a detached observer, then there could be anxiety, there could be fear, there could be a lot of wasteful thoughts. So, a lot of people ask us, “Why do you all have to practice all that?” Can you change anything? By practicing a long time, yes, we can change ourselves. Whatever is happening, we still say, it’s Drama, but we know that it won't hurt us, and there will be some benefit in the long term. Every scene in Drama, every situation brings some benefit if we are in the right stage. So then, very beautifully you can see success in your life, but now how to make it long term? I think this practice that Dadi Prakashmani got started in Shantivan about every hour there are a few moments, and it's about creating peace.

Sometimes our intellect is in the actions and we are busy. We become aware of this traffic control, but we don't do it sincerely or properly. If you become introverted and then you practice this, I think being consistent every hour will have a big impact.

It’s the same as when one of the doctors from Global hospital came to Madhuban. He was saying that in the summer, you should have one glass of water every hour. There were some people who said, “Oh, I just drank four glasses in the morning, if I have to drink eight, I already drank four.” He said, “No, every hour, drink a glass of water.” The same is with the soul. You did two hours at Amritvela which was very good, and then you just forgot. So it won't be consistent. Like for Amritvela, even if we don't want to, we wake up for Amritvela. Even when we are tired, we sit for a short time and then sleep, but we always wake up because it becomes a kind of need for the soul. So, as much as we are regular and consistent, it becomes long term. That's why people ask, “How long have you been practicing?” We even ask doctors how long they have been practicing. The longer you practice, the more experience you have. There are young doctors, they have a lot of knowledge, a lot of knowledge of new technology, but not enough experience. There are some old ones who might have less of all that, but they are very experienced. So, long term practice gives you a lot of experiences, and those experiences are useful to help others. Someone says, “Oh, I'm not able to concentrate”, so then you are able to share what you do.

Now it depends what I give the mind to think about, that which is useful and accumulates power, earns income. The mind has to think anyway. We are giving homework to the mind and intellect and creating not only our present experience of happiness, but also creating all the good qualities for the long term, that is, in the Golden Age and Silver Age. So, just pay attention to that and think about these few points tomorrow, the whole day, and by evening you will definitely feel some realization, some transformation, some accumulation. All that will happen.

Om Shanti

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