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Practice stopping the traffic of thoughts #12

 Stay_in_Avyakti_Silence_12               Mohini_Didi               January 12, 2024

Baba has taught us to keep ourselves well. The soul and the body have a relationship. There is a saying that practice is a big power,  we say ‘power of practice”. Anything you do, you need practice. Sometimes we know through our intellect what is right, what we should do, but we do not have enough practice.  Baba is encouraging us to practice, observe yourselves and notice. Which direction are my thoughts going or what am I thinking about the most? Which situation makes me think a lot? You must write in your journal. When something like this happens I think a lot. The other thing is that thoughts are created from sanskars. If we pay attention then those thoughts will be chain thoughts, abundance and it’s a kind of bondage too. I was just now thinking that I create thoughts and thought comes in mind, again it’s the habit of mind. I have seen some bigger thoughts they change through knowledge immediately. It’s like you are worrying about someone, then, “this soul is Baba’s child, Baba will take care, Baba will help, Baba is responsible ''. If you don’t change the thought you will keep worrying. By thinking I mean not only waste but unnecessarily thinking.  Baba says use everything in a worthwhile way. These thoughts can be really used for world service, for good wishes for someone, why should I waste them? It’s very interesting that Baba wants us to control the traffic of mind.  One is to regulate the thoughts, manage the thoughts but third also to go in silence, stop the thoughts. I was thinking that when you go for any kind of medical testing, when they start the machine they say breath normally, stop, hold your breath, control your breath. It’s not easy because breathing is so normal, every time they say hold your breath, it's like holding your thought, so that imaging can be normal. That means stopping thought brings clarity, whenever you are not able to decide something just leave it, after a little while when you are not thinking about it you get clear instruction, direction, signals. Many times we say Baba will take care, drama will take care, so you don’t have to think. It’s not everything you can make happen by your thoughts, there is a bigger plan, so why don’t I use the thought in a worthwhile way. Baba says your time and your thoughts are very important so practice stopping and see the benefit tomorrow. I have to do something, I am not able to decide whether I should do it not do it, this one says this, everyone says different things. Go in silence, sit quietly and the right thought will come in your mind, the clarity comes, but only when we practice.  Tomorrow’s homework says practice stopping the traffic of thoughts because thoughts  wander.  Baba says on some important days, all the traffic is stopped, three minutes of silence is observed. I know on October 2nd in India at 12 o’clock for a few minutes traffic all over India stops to observe silence for Mahatma Ghandi.  Baba says all activities stop in the same way, whether you are doing something or talking, practice stopping the traffic of thoughts every now and then. Baba says to stop the thoughts in your mind for even a minute, sixty seconds. One time somebody took some pebbles, and as the thought comes he kept dropping and in one minute there were so many thoughts. Whatever work you are doing physically with your body, stop that and stabilize yourself in your angelic stage even for one minute. I think we can do it if we want to, as often we can, it’s a practice. Sometimes Baba says put a full stop to drama, like a break, but sometimes break doesn’t work, so we say drama. We keep thinking so that means it requires a lot of practice, a lot of attention. Baba is saying, mind will take you here, there, everywhere, ‘this could happen, that might happen’, but why? I have trust in drama, Baba that whatever will happen will be beneficial. Baba has helped me. Invoke your success, invoke Baba’s help, invoke Baba’s presence through remembrance. So stop, remember Baba and stable in drama, stopping in soul consciousness, stop. That’s regulating traffic so this is for tomorrow, our homework is to stop practice, stabilize and be in angelic stage.

Om Shanti.

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