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Perform Divine or Alokik Actions #1

Increase_Account_of_Accumulation_1 Mohini_Didi March 1, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

Okay, everyone is okay? You look well! Baba is teaching us for our saving scheme how to look at our balance account, there are three ways to look at it. One is what is the balance, the other is am I just using it and balance is decreasing, or balance is increasing. Some just keep it like it’s okay, when it comes to lokik income in our livelihood, our expenses, and our budget. Then some of us target that we will, let’s say keep 100,000 for savings, and then after that we don’t have to save, that will be enough. I know some of them tell me, “I have this much savings and now I can either reduce the hours of work and earn less.” Earning less is good in a way because they like to do Baba's service, but one is like there is a purpose and others are those who say I will work, I will earn up to whatever age, and then I will be cooperative in Baba's yagya, Baba's seva. So, everyone has done planning. Some like to know what is ideal. We sometimes discuss that also, but I think in a savings scheme, the aim is to keep increasing because we are the ones who are donors. We are bestowers. I know that there is enough regular income and savings, but then again it depends on your generosity. Baba has explained to us the karmic account, so we are not just giving away money, but there are certain needs of Baba‘s yagya, or any center, or extreme situations in Brahman lives. We are helpful, because you know that not only you have enough savings, but it’s continuous savings and continuous earnings also.

So, there are three ways: thoughts, words, and actions. Yesterday was about thoughts and words. Now some people have to explain a lot, they have to say a lot and sometimes it doesn't really even work because the listening capacity is very little. Some make whatever they say very essenceful, so it’ll be short, direct, and it will be taken very well. If you repeat what we are saying, even while explaining something, you think it will help that soul to understand, and it might not, because there is something that rejects or does not accept, or doesn’t feel necessary to understand, so they will ignore it. So my saying or other person's listening has to be aligned. Everyone has their own understanding. We know how Baba speaks Murli. He always starts with ‘sweet children' every time. He has to say ‘sweet children’ because He softens our intellect. Knowledge is not something that has to be understood through the intellect, but with knowledge certain realizations have to come. Understanding touches your deeper sense, your inner conscience, and it becomes very easy to use that knowledge for our reasoning, for our power to discern, power to decide. So for words, we have to be attentive. They should be less, sweet, and also gentle. Gentle not because of your sound but because of love and respect for others. As much as we use this love and respect, then the self-respect of other people is increasing. So, it’s helping other souls and helping me also, that means my habit. A lot of people out of a habit of saying, “Oh, these words just slipped through my mouth.” We have to be careful because it could hit, and it could hurt. We have to accumulate, so I have to speak an elevated language. Some of you might say, “What is that language?” Like for Momma, we hear this example: when anyone has done something, first she will tell that person how many good things that person has done, “You had been good, you had been accurate, but you need to pay attention.” She will say two things or one thing because then heart is softened and ready to receive. How do I give that they don’t receive? That’s where we go back to Shiv Baba speaking through Brahma Baba and we look at Dadi Janki who said, “They listen to me because I don’t keep feelings, any feelings that are not good towards anyone.” If you have even one person feeling, they won’t listen and you will react or they will react.

So subtly keeping our mind clear and our thoughts loveful, peaceful. Have the thought of changing in the sense of bringing transformation in that person. Now we are speaking elevated words, having elevated drishti, having pure vision, and this shows that I am ascending. So, the quality of my words, quality of my drishti also is changing. It is the same with actions, we are very attentive, we try to do our best so that my actions shouldn’t cause sorrow to anyone. Of course Baba says don’t give sorrow, don't take sorrow, but also Baba says what kind of drishti you should have all day. If there are certain impressions about a person you are holding, but you are not in an eternal or soul conscious stage, whatever you are giving doesn’t go into savings. That means it has to be on the plus side, elevated, auspicious, blessing. I am giving , but I also receive from my own self because I feel dignity and loyalty. Of course, we are talking here about saving so let’s say it’s action you make it spiritual, alokik. So many times, especially when it comes to preachers or teachers, their language is more of what not to do, but Baba is teaching us, and Baba practically gives us directions for any kind of action. Before action, there is thinking, it could be speaking, it could be drishti, and don't forget that the vibrations are very powerful. Even on the telephone, people can understand your vibrations. So doing something that is elevated means ordinary action, then spiritual action, then higher. You know sometimes Baba says you come one step forward and I will come a thousand, depending on your courage, enthusiasm, and faith.

So we always have to remember that I want to increase my balance. In this you don't need to have a limit. In lokik, I also tell people if you have this much every month you get saving you don't have to labor now, you can spend a financially decent life but also have that security which everyone feels they need. So, we will look at the whole day. Was I elevated in every action? DId I bring joy, happiness, and make anyone feel stronger with my actions? I always feel when I am around there is some power, it's not fear, it's a lot of respect. I like looking at my balance. It should be increasing to an extent that I just know it is just going to keep increasing. Also my gratitude and generosity keeps increasing, too. Thanks to Baba and Baba's children and of course it is for Baba, it is for Baba's family. Now this can be in an alokik way, we are spiritual instruments when it comes to your bhandara. At Confluence age, whatever I do, my memorial in the path of bhakti will be the same. We are creating this balance sheet for birth after birth. So, think about your savings scheme, what is the scheme planning, how you receive, and how you give.

Om Shanti

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