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Perfect In All Subjects #28

Transformation of old nature Mohini_Didi Nov 29th,2022

And old sanskars #28

Om Shanti everyone !

What keeps us happy? It’s our efforts or the success of efforts, the victory of efforts. Baba says that success is your birthright. The first important success is transformation. Whenever there is realization of what I should or shouldn’t do, there is realization and we are able to transform ourselves, then there is a lot of joy and happiness. One of the main sanskars from body consciousness was stubbornness and also of being right, or my right is the only right. There is a saying, “my way or no way”, but actually, we should listen to everyone, adjust to everyone and have a very open and loving attitude towards everyone. When that is there then we are victorious in a way right. If we are governed by our nature and sanskars, they dictate us. We have to be in yoga and just be cooperative. Anything which works especially for Baba and yagya is not by one soul, but with all of us together. Then to be together, you need to have new awareness, a new attitude, new drishti. Even to remember that this one was like this yesterday, but that’s not today. If I hold the attitude from yesterday, then it's not new. Yesterday was yesterday, today is today. Keep moving along watching drama and everyone's part. When we are in soul consciousness there is natural love for all souls. That natural love and spiritual love connects us very well and we feel we can work together for Baba's task. I find with every soul, there is a lot of love. Even whatever that soul’s sanskars are, my connection is not with sanskars, my connection is with the soul. Every soul is pure, peaceful, and loving, but sanskars which have been acquired sometimes are not very pleasant. True service is when I look at everyone in their eternal sanskars because you look at them or interact with them with that true love in the awareness as eternal, loveful souls. I think that clears a lot of karmic accounts at the same time, otherwise we still have sanskars from the old karmic accounts. If I want to settle karmic accounts just have spiritual drishti and awareness about us all together as Baba's children. At the confluence age we have to settle karmic accounts, but also we have to create a very loving relationship with everyone. Loving relationships bring a lot of happiness and we can see how we are very successful. Even souls who are doing things that are not appropriate, to have spiritual love for them will definitely have less damage or less harm. If I hold a very strong body conscious attitude and my interaction is not of true spiritual love, the other soul is not going to change and could hurt or create obstacles in Baba’s yagya. We should have this natural practice of looking at or having new awareness, new attitude, new drishti and that whatever the soul was yesterday is old. Some people if they get upset, after five minutes to half an hour that soul has a realization, changes and starts smiling. If I still remember how angry that soul was it will not help the self and will not help in the relationship. Transformation every moment of life. Realize, transform and have something new, something different. It could be amazing, unbelievable sometimes even by others that you could change that much. They don't know what kind of attitude one should have but we, as Baba’s children know.

As much as we are moving towards the golden age, alloy has to be removed with the power of yoga through remembrance. As much as we keep removing alloy we are becoming real gold. Baba said the sign of real gold is that it molds. You can hold that gold in your hand and you can kind of twist it. That’s what baba is saying, transformation is in other words molding. You mold yourself according to whatever are the needs and our transformation is towards progress. Sometimes some people say this one has changed, but changed for the worse. Please change for the best. We know that change which is happening is good for the self. I have found that if I have heard many things about any soul, as soon as I look at the soul, I have such pure loving feelings and I say they are so nice. Everyone has recognized Baba, has love for Baba, has renunciation and is a yogi soul. When there is love and recognition then I should also feel love. This way looking at everyone and interacting becomes very loving and beautiful and you feel as if you are really forming a very spiritual and divine relationship. Internally you feel very loveful. My experience with that point is you don't question yoga, you have good yoga. You are a cooperative soul not only that but you are a yogi soul. You go beyond external. Whatever anyone does or anyone is, I have to go above, I have to be what I am, because that soul's part and my part are different.

I cannot do what that soul is doing. Yes, Baba said we appreciate everyone's quality. What you have is a bouquet of flowers. A beautiful bouquet of flowers like when people meet each other they give, bouquet of flowers. To give just an external bouquet of flowers is not enough, but to give the bouquet of flowers in the real sense. You would give both through your drishti and also through your words, words of kindness, sweetness, very sensible words and stay original. For everyone you will hear so many things but I have nothing to do with that . I have to be what I am. I was telling someone if you are a sweet person and another person asks you to be strong when you are speaking, even if you do it, it will be artificial. Recognize yourself and act as yourself, not what you have heard. Many opinions will be there but what will melt the heart of everyone is to connect the soul with the original eternal sanskars. Every soul can be moved whether it's a knowledgeable soul or those who don't have knowledge. Everyone wants to experience Baba’s love and these days Baba has been saying, give introduction of Baba to everyone. When you give an introduction of Baba then automatically we get connected. That soul also realizes that we are all souls and we are brothers. I feel the confluence age, every moment. Let's create everything new as Baba said, not only the beginning of the New Year, but everything new in our life. So you will feel good, successful and beautiful.

Om Shanti !


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