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Patience comes from understanding our destination #5

Creating _Heaven_Inside_Ourselves_5 Mohini_Didi June 5, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Okay! Everyone is okay? Yes? There are different scenes of Drama, and whatever Baba has explained to us makes us think deeply, and helps us to move forward. I have been believing more and more, that when nature or the body doesn't cooperate, we know it's settling, but it’s also the time that we are given to attain our stage of perfection. There is a need for a lot of attention, I should not waste time, and shouldn't waste thoughts. Let me think about the good of everyone and for the self, and more remembrance of Baba. So, whatever one is not able to do, then attention goes there, and we are able to do everything, we are able to accomplish, and reach our stage of perfection. So, there shouldn't be sorrow or attachment, but take advantage of every moment to be in yoga, with love for Baba, and a lot of love for the family.

All that time is given for this according to Drama, and there was such a beautiful version of Baba about the “personality of contentment”. Contentment is all attainments, contentment within the self, contentment in our efforts, my relationships and contacts. Baba says that this creates the personality of contentment. It's a very royal personality, where you don't have any unfulfilled desires, but your heart is full of gratitude, thinking that Baba has given me everything, and it’s my fortune. So, more and more, we have deep feelings of not only being thankful, but also feeling and staying in the higher stage, the great stage. Baba says that contentment is visible through our eyes, through our face, through our features, the personality of contentment.

We will be thinking about this today, we have a lot of patience because we know that dawn is coming very soon. Every day the old world is passing and we are coming very close to our destination, and that is the dawn, the early morning, and night is finishing. So, we have to have patience. Every moment of the Confluence Age, I know that something beneficial is happening. I have been given another moment to become perfect, and there is also a constant desire to serve, as Baba said, through thoughts, words, and actions.

So, I really enjoy this thinking of the importance of every moment, the value of every moment of the Confluence Age. Not only is Baba with us, not only do we have all attainments, but we are reaching our destination, moving forward. So, always keep that in mind and take full benefit at the Confluence Age.

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