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Elevated_Self_Respect_15 Mohini Didi June 15, 2023

Om Shanti!

Everyone is okay? Happy Satguruvaar to everyone. I’m sure that each one of you had some experience of what I shared. Many times Baba wants to tell us the steps we should take, the practice we should do. I like when Baba said in the Murli that sometimes you might think, “Oh I have faith, and everything will be okay.” Today Baba said, “Even to receive help from Me, you need a good stage, and that good stage is incorporeal stage.” Then Baba said that when you ask for help, if you don’t feel the right, you should feel the right, but you have to be in that stage. Like when there is faith, then you should be carefree. It doesn’t mean you become careless by saying, “Oh, I have faith so there will be victory, and I will receive everything.” Some effort we all have to do. One is to not have waste thoughts. Like, “What will happen? Why did it happen?” All that is a waste of energy, lack of faith. Baba is with us, we are Baba’s instruments, we are Baba’s helpers, and strong awareness, that remembrance is there. When there is remembrance, we definitely get power from Baba, and Baba said that you have a right, so it must happen. Baba keeps reminding us that we had made effort for so many years, but if something is lacking, Baba said to not only check, but change. Sometimes it could happen that maybe we did not pay attention to some practices. So, then in the end, that stage will not be there, or instead of awareness there will be a lot of other thoughts. So, these are possibilities. That is why Baba says that children should not only check, but change and also become. One is the stage but stage also has a lot to do with the awareness of my part.

Today, Baba is reminding us to be in self-respect, but what is our part? We are children of one who is the original deity, Adi Dev, and we are also part of the trunk. Remember to have self-respect that all other religions, all the branches, emerge from the trunk. So, I stay in that self-respect and then give respect to everyone. Baba says that you have to give respect to everyone because you are the master creators, so you have to respect your creation. That is looking at them with that respect, with love. So, we look at them with that respect and love, and they awaken, they feel it. So, what Baba said in the message is that as much as you remain in the awareness, that much stage will be built. Both ways, it’s like what you can take from Baba from sitting on that throne, sitting on that stage. So, Baba really underlined what has to be done. Try to maintain the awareness. As much as you maintain, your stage will be built. That really stayed with me. Then there are circumstances, your stage will help you, Baba will help you. When you have that stage, you can take from Baba. So it will automatically help you, guide you. Not only check, but also change. So, tomorrow our homework is to stay on the seat of that self- respect. I am part of the trunk, I am a master creator. All religions begin from the trunk. So give respect to whatever religion anyone is, just give respect.

Om Shanti

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