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One Father and None Other #5

Embodiment_of_Solutions_5 Mohini_Didi September 5, 2023

Om Shanti!

Everyone is okay? Meeting Avyakti Parivar brings a lot of happiness. There is so much love in everyone’s heart so, when we look at each other we feel very happy, right? That is why we use the word ‘family’. Parivar is family, and every evening to meet family doesn’t happen anywhere. Mornings there are Murlis online and in person, but not every evening. So it is a beautiful evening with beautiful feelings to be together. Baba is talking about when someone comes to us and we have to listen to that person. The person is talking about someone maybe within that team so you can not ignore that person, but there is a saying, ‘hear but don’t hear’. I do not want whatever is spoken about someone to go in my mind and become part of my thinking. Then my attitude towards that person could change. Also, Baba is saying that if you show interest, that same person will always come to you and share the news, but if you listen out of respect but you don’t show that you are interested in listening to the news, then that person will not come back. Baba is saying that this will benefit you and also benefit the other person, because the habit of that person will not become firm. You have to be very careful because we all have different opinions for different people, but whatever I decide should not be based on someone else’s opinion. I have had an experience a few years ago where I said something, because I was told that that’s the best thing to do. I felt so bad because that’s not what my heart was saying. So after that I am so careful because you don’t feel good about it.

Today 's beautiful homework is ‘only one Father, no one else’. You can make a long list since we came to Baba. What Baba can do, no one else can do. So where should my intellect go? Whom should I remember? Who is the purifier? Who removes my sorrows? Who helps me to be powerful? Baba. So who should I remember? It’s okay, like when the body is not well, you might think of a doctor, but there are so many experiences that the doctor will come, but be in Baba’s remembrance. Many go for surgery but yoga is with Baba, so they say, “We didn’t feel it, it was so easy, Baba was helping me.” Baba says that we should remember One Father no one else. This means yoga of intellect with One Father. Since I read this homework, I really started paying attention that on this journey it does happen that you have many who will support you, help you, but I can not have yoga with any soul. There is love, there is cooperation, there is support, but still even to maintain that love, we need to have remembrance of One Father. Otherwise even in that love, sanskars can emerge, something can come up in lokik world. Also there are very good friends and suddenly they don’t even talk with each other, but when Baba is with us, our relationship becomes a long term relationship, our relationship becomes like we are always for each other. So that is really what Baba means; only One Father, no one else. It doesn’t mean that we don’t have anyone else. Day by day, we have more and more in our lives, more souls are part of our life, but remembrance has to be of One because this will help others and their intellect will also be pulled towards One Baba. I am with One Baba, so I am helping others to also be in yoga with One.

So Baba says; “One Father and no one else, none other”. Always keep the Father merged in the eyes and in your heart.These are the two spots. Keep the Father merged in your eyes and in your heart, and remain lost in the love of belonging to One Father and none other. Then, you will be able to overcome the tests, Baba says, and problems, the wasteful thoughts that come, as if you are drawing a line in water and pass with honor. It won’t stay, like a line in the water never stays. So, it’s very beautiful, and I think that at this time we need it. When you find you are not that happy, Baba used to say to play Baba’s songs. Even if you take someone’s support, then again, it will be another habit. So make Baba’s remembrance and One Father everything in life. One strength and One support.

Om Shanti


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